Putting ICE Under a Microscope for Political Purposes

by Jack

The following story was on the national news only because of a salacious title.  In reality police and ICE agents were just doing their job and nothing much happened.  If it were any other time this story would be at best a footnote on page 3 of the local newspaper.

“(Headline) ICE agent, while arresting undocumented immigrant, shoots brother of wanted Brooklyn man. 

(Implying trigger happy ICE agents shoot innocent people, then you have to dig into the story and there’s a lot more to it.)

A federal ICE agent trying to arrest an undocumented immigrant shot the Brooklyn man’s brother in the face during a wild Thursday morning scuffle, officials and witnesses said.

Two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, armed with a deportation order, were escorting the wanted man from a home on W. 12th St. near Quentin Road in Gravesend about 8:15 a.m. when his brother jumped into the fray. A single shot was fired, with the bullet tearing through the second sibling’s hand before striking him in the cheek, sources said. (Bet the scuffle caused an accidental discharge – sure appears that way.)

a group of people walking on a sidewalk© Kendall Rodriguez

During the ensuing chaos, the wounded man ran back inside the home and barricaded himself inside before surrendering a short time later, sources said.

A video viewed by the Daily News shows one of the brothers struggling with the two agents, cursing at them in Spanish, when an agent wearing a light grey hoodie and a hat zaps him with a Taser as he’s propped against a car.

A second later the shot was fired, witnesses said. A law enforcement source said the wounded man was unarmed but was holding something in his hand at the time of the shooting.

“We saw people in the street, trying to get him handcuffed,” said a witness who wished not to be named. “There were a lot of people involved. The next thing I know there was this big bang.”

“I heard a shot and I ran,” she added. “I didn’t know if more shots were coming.”

a group of people standing in front of a crowd© Kendall Rodriguez Once everyone took cover, the woman’s daughter looked up and saw the agents giving medical aid to the wounded men.

“The person was lying on the floor with a towel on his head, bleeding profusely,” she said.

The man sought by ICE agents was stopped by the NYPD for driving around with a forged Connecticut license plate earlier in the week, sources said. ICE heard of the incident and began taking steps to arrest and deport him.

The undocumented immigrant, though the subject of a domestic violence investigation in 2016, didn’t land on the police’s radar until he was pulled over with the forged license plate, sources said.”   END OF NON-STORY

Once again, the liberal mainstream media undermines their own credibility because they just can’t pass up an opportunity to vilify ICE.  Why?  Because ICE represents the so-called racist policies of President Trump of course… geez, it just never ends, no wonder we are so divided.


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2 Responses to Putting ICE Under a Microscope for Political Purposes

  1. Peggy says:

    This is unreal! 44 House democrats are pushing a bill through congress that will change our immigration laws in favor for illegals over the safety of US citizens and legal residents. They must be counting on taking back the Senate and the WH.


    Tucker Reveals Democratic Plan To Protect Illegal Alien Criminals From Deportation, And ‘Fundamentally’ Change America:

    “Fox News host Tucker Carson revealed the details of a piece of impending Democratic-led House legislation that would “entirely remake” the United States immigration system.

    Discussing the proposed New Way Forward Act during a Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue, Carlson noted that the bill is currently “sponsored by 44 House Democrats, including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” yet has “received almost no publicity.”


    Here’s the Bill.
    H.R.5383 – New Way Forward Act:


  2. Harold says:

    The future of ICE would be useless, (at best seriously handcuffed) to help protect us if this legislation is ever passed and signed into law


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