Good Trump VS Bad Trump

posted by Jack

I voted for Trump and I will vote for him again, because of his policies, not because of his charming personality.  It is anything but….

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Columnist Arthur Brooks addressed traditional Christian themes during his remarks, urging attendees to “love your enemies” and transcend “contempt.   Then it was Trump’s turn.  He began by telling Brooks he didn’t quite agree with him, which is basically saying he doesn’t quite agree with scripture.

Instead, Trump used the podium to lambast his enemies in the most vindictive way possible.   I’ve never witnessed  a president behave that way, it was unsettling and disturbing.

This was supposed to be a Christian prayer breakfast!  The theme was about Christian values.  This was supposed to be where one talks about redemption, forgiveness and what Christianity has meant to America.  But, Trump turned it into a speech about himself.  He used this platform to insult his enemies and it was a hateful speech.  I was really disappointed, Trump should have shown more class.

Maybe…just maybe…. if enough of his supporters made it known that he really needs to tone it down, let go of his ego-centric behavior, he would be a lot more electable?  I know, he’s probably to old to change now…but, one could hope, right?

Right now Trump is running for re-election virtually unopposed considering the field of democrat opponents.   This election is really coming down to a case between “bad Trump” verses “good Trump.”   If “bad Trump” sways the voters enough… he could lose and I don’t want to see that.



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10 Responses to Good Trump VS Bad Trump

  1. J. Soden says:

    Not to be making excuses for TheDonald as he’s said some things I don’t particularly care for.
    However, I think he’s entitled to call out the folks that have spent the last 3+ years trying to oust him from the office to which he was elected with outright lies.

  2. Peggy says:

    Agree and disagree Jack. The prayer breakfast wasn’t the right place to vent his anger about the attacks against him and his family that have been going on since Jan. 2016, over four years ago and relief that it was finally over. Or is it? His speech may not have been presidential for the place, but it sure was human.

    Pelosi sitting just feet away had just hours before ripped his SOTU speech up behind his back dishonoring herself, her position, everyone and everything mentioned in the speech and the office of the president. Trump has said from the very beginning that he was fighting against all of these attacks so it doesn’t happen to another president. Trump is known as a counter puncher. Pelosi attacked him in front of the whole world and Trump countered at the breakfast.

    Anyone hurt deeply, as Trump and his family have been, knows that forgiveness isn’t like a lightswitch that one turns on and off, it comes with time when the hurt and anger against the individual subsides. Pelosi got what she gave and she deserved it. She needed to be put into her place and Trump did it, because he had to, not just for himself but for our country and future presidents.

    The president/executive branch is coequal to the legislative branch. It’s not subservient with the Speaker’s power above the President’s. Speakers are elected by the population of ONE district in the country, Presidents are elected by ALL districts. Pelosi needs to be reminded that she’s not president and never will be. And if it requires her being reminded of that at a prayer breakfast, then so be it. IMHO

    • Chris says:

      “Human.” Well, sure. But the president is supposed to represent the best of humanity, not the worst of it–especially at an event like the prayer breakfast. If Obama had used this venue to make remarks like this about people who tried to destroy him–including Trump himself, with his disgusting birther crusade–you would accuse him of attacking Christianity. And in fact, you did make that accusation against Obama, even though he never did anything as crass as say he disagreed with the Biblical principle of loving your enemies at a prayer breakfast, an action you did not acknowledge in your reply.

      The notion that Trump is doing any of this for future presidents is so ridiculous as to be obscene. He cares about nothing and no one but himself and his own power. When the next Democratic president goes on a single golf trip, you can be assured that Trump will attack them without a trace of irony, because that’s how he’s lived his entire life. He does not have any principles, and does not believe the standards he holds others to apply to himself. How have you not learned this by now?

  3. Post Scripts says:

    Harold, I wish Trump would or could talk this way now. For off the cuff comments he really had it together back then.

  4. Peggy says:

    Wow, Stone got screwed by a Trump hater.

    Roger Stone jury foreperson’s anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors:

    • Chris says:

      Stone’s lawyers and the judge all knew about this juror’s anti-Trump views during voir dire and agreed that the juror could put their bias aside and rule fairly based on the merits of the case. There is no evidence that they were wrong about this.

      The MAGA worldview is that anyone who has ever said anything negative about Trump is irrevocably tainted, and cannot properly judge anyone or anything related to him. This is a cult-like ideology. How long are you going to insist that the rest of us bow in servitude to one man in order to be considered as American as you are?

  5. Chris says:

    David French writes about this incident here:

    Last Sunday I wrote about the inconsistency between the Bible’s command for Christians to love their enemies and the willingness of many Christians to rationalize, approve, and sometimes even applaud Donald Trump’s vengeful rhetoric and acts of punitive retribution. One does not comply with the command to love your enemies by electing someone to hate them for you…

    It’s no answer to respond by declaring, as so many Christians do, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” While we all may be equally in need of a savior, our characters are not all the same. Can a Trump defender say with honesty that the president’s character is similar to Ronald Reagan’s? To George H.W. Bush’s? To George W. Bush’s? Are they even in the same ballpark? Declaring “nobody’s perfect” is an absurd rationalization. It’s gaslighting. We know nobody’s perfect. But some men are decent. Some men are truthful. Some men are brave. Some men are none of those things.

    The results of my test are clear. Assuming Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, I can’t vote for him. Even if I do like some of the things he’s done, he lacks the character to be president. But I cannot join some of my Never Trump friends in backing the Democratic nominee.

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