Hows That New Shoplifting Law Working Out?

posted by Jack

Democrat lawmakers said, reducing one class of commercial burglary to a simple misdemeanor would be a good thing, we wouldn’t be sending too many non-violent people to prison for minor offenses.  They also made theft’s under $900 a misdemeanor.  They did away with multiple shoplifting arrests becoming a felony.  Planning a raid on a store to steal expensive items is no longer a commercial burglary, which was a felony (see video below).  Cops now can just issue a ticket and release the offenders..and all is good we’re told.  No problems, we are so much better off now, right?  Thank you democrats for doing this to for us!

NOTE:  If you use force or fear (take a wing at a store employee) to commit a theft, any theft, regardless of the dollar amount,  that is still a strong arm robberry (211 PC) and it is a violent felony.  Any person can make a citizens arrest for a felony committed in their presence and then use the force necessary to effect the arrest and detain until police arrive.


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  1. cherokee jack says:

    Wuhan Flu isn’t the only virus infecting us. Mental illness has spread from the closed mental hospitals to the streets, and to our voter registration process. How else do you explain our lawmakers?

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