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The State of California is the nation’s largest employer. CA employs 233,551 full time and writes payroll checks to every month for well over 2.05 billion dollars. The represents an average paycheck, excluding benefits of $8777 monthly or annual salary of $105,000 (average) The benefit package, retirement and health insurance, represent about 38% of the monthly cost per employee.

SACRAMENTO county has 78,678 fulltime state workers. LOS ANGELES county has 20,501 full time state workers. Butte county has 1148 state worker, mostly in public safety and DMV. There are 14 employees that don’t fit into any county and apparently are just out here somewhere in the state floating around doing who knows what?

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  1. Chris says:

    Off-topic: Our Constitution-hating president is once again threatening to shut down free speech because it’s critical of him.

    As the article does a great job of pointing out, this is absurd. The president’s words are still there; Twitter is literally just fighting his (lying) speech about voting by mail with more speech. That isn’t even censorship. But even if Twitter did ban Donald Trump, that would be their legal right as a private company. Twitter itself has the right to free speech, and Trump is threatening to use the power of the government to shut it down.

    That so many conservatives are championing Trump’s statement here and insisting the government should step in to make sure Twitter is “unbiased” (I even see many claiming Twitter should be treated as a public utility!) just shows how much Trump has corrupted conservatism. “Nationalizing industries to own the libs” is more important to these people than principles of the free market or free speech. At the same time, they insist they have the right to say whatever they want on someone else’s property without being booted off. Incredible.

    Trump’s threats to withhold funds from (Democrat-run only) states that transition to vote-by-mail show an equal amount of contempt for the constitution. The president has no legal authority to do this, and there is no valid basis for it; he is simply afraid that if more people vote by mail (as he does), he will lose, because he has never once had majority support in this country. This is entirely due to his own constant expressions of contempt for the Constitution, American values, and a great deal of America’s people.

    We need a president who understands and respects the Constitution again.

    • Chris says:

      “A new Fairness Doctrine. Emboldening trial lawyers. Massive new regulations. Government restricted speech. Governing by Executive Order. This is like 5 for 5 on things conservatives would’ve freaked out about under Obama.”

    • Chris says:

      Holy crap, Ben Shapiro is actually right for once:

      “Here’s the inevitable effect of destroying §230 of the CDA: all comments sections will be taken down. No website has the resources to actively edit all comments in order to shield themselves from liability, and no website is willing to leave comments entirely standards-free…l, but I’m wondering just why conservatives are suddenly so unconcerned about political bias among regulators.”

      I am old enough to remember when conservatives on this very site told me that the government doesn’t exist to solve everyone’s personal problems. When you said you were against frivolous lawsuits. When you said you were against unnecessary regulations. When you said you were in favor of free speech, including the speech of corporations.

      Now is the time for you to decide whether you still believe in these things, or if you’re going to let Trump destroy even more of your principles.

  2. Chris says:

    Rush Limbaugh says today that Trump doesn’t really believe that Joe Scarborough killed a woman, nor does he care, but that he is spreading this lie anyway to own the libs. And, of course, this Presidential Medal of Honor recipient thinks this is a *good* thing(!):

    But the thing here is when you get to Trump and his conspiracy theories, he does it in a really clever way. And this is where people don’t get the subtlety of Trump because they don’t think he has the ability to be subtle. Trump never says that he believes these conspiracy theories that he touts. He’s simply passing them on.

    Like during the campaign of 2016, I — folks, I ran the gamut of emotions on this. When Trump said that he had seen a picture of Ted Cruz’s dad standing next to Lee Harvey Oswald, I said, “What the hell is this?” And I thought he’s going to have to walk this back. Ted Cruz’s dad had something to do with the assassination of JFK? He never walked it back. But more importantly, he never asserted it himself.

    He simply said it was out there and that people ought to know — and with virtually every conspiracy theory that Trump touts, he doesn’t actually tout them himself. He spreads them and he — under the guise of people need to know about this, and it’s his way of jamming them up. It’s his way of teasing him. It’s his way of getting these conspiracy theories out there.

    For example, as a way of illustrating, do you think — Mr. Snerdley, do you think Trump cares whether Scarborough murdered anybody or not? No, of course he doesn’t care. So why is he tweeting it? Well, because it’s out there. He didn’t make it up. It’s long been out there that this death has something suspicious about it.

    So Trump is just throwing gasoline on a fire here, and he’s having fun watching the flames — and he’s having fun watching these holier-than-thou leftist journalists react like their moral sensibilities have been forever rocked and can never recover.

  3. Peggy says:

    Good reads.

    Someone finally brings clarity to the Obamagate narrative:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook::


    What the ‘Obamagate’ Scandals Mean and Why They Matter:

    “Amid the flurry of details about spying on Michael Flynn, lying to secret courts about Carter Page, leaking classified documents, and more, it’s easy to get lost in the muck. It’s important to stand back, identify the worst abuses, and explain why they matter for American democracy. These abuses didn’t simply follow each other; their targets, goals, and principal players overlapped. Taken together, they represent some of the gravest violations of constitutional norms and legal protections in American history. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, whether you like Donald Trump or loathe him, these violations matter.”

    Scandal No. 1: Massive, illegal surveillance of American citizens, using the database of the National Security Agency

    Scandal No. 2: Spying on the Trump campaign

    Scandal No. 3: Covering up this spying, continuing it during the new administration, charging that Trump was not legitimately elected, and impeding his presidency with major investigations, based on false charges

    • Tina says:

      Peggy your link to the Real Clear Politics article should inspire interest and curiosity in Americans who care about our system of justice and the need for unbiased reporting. Sadly those who remain blindly loyal to the left, no matter what, will not bother to read it. It seems there isn’t even a modicum of curiosity in these partisans. Is it any wonder we’ve resorted to the absurd and the shocking to try to get their attention.

      There’s nothing to do but soldier on. The willingly blind will be left in the dust as history records the often criminal, always nefarious, deeds that have occurred.

      I still believe in the American people and thank God that we still have people in authority who can pursue and expose the facts. If we still have a country the guilty will be brought to justice in time. It will be interesting to see the reality sink in…even then the blind will continue to deny the truth.

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