George Floyd Autopsy Report Results

Posted by Jack

Warning – this news may be incredibly distressing if you are a member of Black Lives Matters or a dingbat liberal.  

The medical examiner’s report has been released and it concluded a number a of very important things about the death of George Floyd.  Number 1 on the list is, George Floyd did not die from something the police did.   

George Floyd died from complications brought on by a mix of intoxicants and a heart condition known as coronary artery disease.  When Floyd resisted arrest and over stressed his sick heart, he set himself up for the heart attack that followed.  He did not die because a cop’s knee was placed on his neck to hold him down.  The medical report made it clear, there was no blocked airway, no strangulation, in fact the witnesses all said Floyd was able to yell the whole time.  How can you do that if your airway is blocked, if you are being strangled, if you are being asphyxiated?  You can’t and I’m surprised nobody picked up on this from the start.

So, there’s the bad news… there was no asphyxiation, no strangulation – sorry to disappoint.   Furthermore, even if the cops were trained EMT’s, which they are not,  its doubtful they could have saved him.  They did not  recognize his heart attack in part because of the mans intoxicated behavior.

FACTS:  Witnesses and officers all concluded Floyd was under the influence of intoxicants.  The medical examiner said so too.  Witnesses have said Floyd was trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, twice.  The medical examiner said Floyd had coronary artery disease.

The police responded to a 911 call resulting from Floyd’s behavior.  They found Floyd sitting on the mall sidewalk leaning against a wall.  They took him into custody and helped him to his feet.  Then while walking him to a nearby patrol vehicle, Floyd started struggling, this frequently happens when a drunk realizes he is about to go to jail.  None of this was on CNN or ABC.

Even now, right this minute, there is a CNN female news anchor declaring to her viewers that Floyd was “killed after an officer placed his knee on the victims neck.”   Guess she knows more than the Medical Examiner.

The MSM and the lynch mob have really overshot the truth this time and caused  tremendous damage.

New York Post:  “An autopsy found “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation” of Floyd, but revealed “underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease,” the complaint says.

“The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, is underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death,” the document adds.” 

My guess is the cop with his knee on Floyd’s neck might be charged with using an unauthorized control hold, but a charge of involuntary manslaughter will never stick, it lacks the elements.

There’s very little to blame the cops for, but Floyd’s action were way out of line.  But, that’s not what the haters want to hear is it?  This doesn’t fit what they thought they saw in 5 seconds of video.  The quote, “I can’t breath” was likely due to his heart, not what the police were doing.   George Floyd Didn’t Die of Strangulation/Asphyxiation, He Died of Heart Condition Complicated by Intoxicants in His Body

A “Statement of Probable Cause” of the death of George Floyd has been released by the City of Minneapolis, and it concludes that Floyd’s death was due to underlying health conditions, not strangulation.  BET

“The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation,” the statement reads, according to CNN. 

“Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”

You can armchair quarterback everything the cops did, but it won’t change the reality.  This was not a homicide.  It may not even be a chargeable offense.  This was another sad case where too many people rushed to the wrong conclusions and started a series of tragic events among those with a lynch mob mentality.

Do you think the hatemongers and loots will feel guilty and return the millions in stolen property?  Will they help rebuild and replace what they destroyed and burned?  Will they even mourn for the murder of the Oakland officer they shot to death and the other officer that they wounded?   You know the answer.

This is not about THEIR personal responsibility for creating an injustice – it’s only about the police responsibility.   The mob has never been held accountable for anything.  There’s your great injustice.   The berated and abused police and all the innocent Americans that don’t rush to judge, that don’t loot and don’t act like A- H’s, they are the real victims once again.




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25 Responses to George Floyd Autopsy Report Results

  1. Peggy says:

    This is horrendous. These two sisters should be sentenced to attempted murder in the first degree. IMHO

    The Shader Sisters: Two Women Arrested After Molotov Cocktail Is Thrown Into Van With Four Officers:

  2. Tina says:

    Jack your posts have been right on the money. Activist rioting and activist reporting are the serious wrongs being perpetrated here. Since the sixties left activist have used rioting as a political tool. They are never held accountable nor are they ever treated with the contempt they deserve. The Democrat party instead encourages the behavior, often blaming and shaming “right wing extremists” instead and using these events to garner support for the party. Democrat leaders speak out of both sides of their mouths to cover their butts.
    This will not stop until the Dem party rejects these groups entirely.
    You can be sure the officers involved will be held accountable along with a few of the thugs. But the sense of entitlement to create mayhem from the left has never been held to account and most likely will not be this time.

    • Chris says:

      “You can be sure the officers involved will be held accountable”

      No, we really cannot be sure of that. That’s why this is happening: because officers are rarely held accountable for shooting people and pets, stealing property from crime scenes (and even from the wrongly accused), and other abuses. The stats prove this. This does not excuse the riots and looting, but it does explain them.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh. Well then it’s fine that the officer kneeled on his neck for eighth minutes, two of them after Floyd was unresponsive.

    Nothing needs to change because sometimes victims of police brutality have underlying conditions that make it more likely for them to die when they are brutalized.

    And all the incidences of police brutality against protesters, reporters, and even innocent bystanders filing the police from their own front porches we’ve seen over the last two days don’t matter either.

    Carry on.

  4. Chris says:

    What, exactly, is the difference between some of these police and the rioters?

    “This is the moment Minneapolis Police fired on our CBS News crew with rubber bullets. As you can see, no protesters anywhere near us- we all were wearing credentials and had cameras out. Our sound engineer was hit in the arm. #cbsnews”

    “WCCO photojournalist records himself getting shot in the leg with a rubber bullet and arrested by state patrol”

    “Here is the video. On LIVE TV the APD just broke car windows, slashed tires, tazed both passengers and arrested both passengers for NOTHING. RIPPED THEM OUT OF THER CAR. #AtlantaRiots #ATLFORUS #BlackLivesMatter”

    “Also in today’s criminal justice news, National Guard and Minneapolis PD officers illegally demand taxpayers stop filming from their porch and go inside – you’ll hear “Light ’em up!” as they then shoot at these people *WHO ARE ON THEIR OWN PORCH*

    “Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike.”

    “This boy had his hands up when an NYPD ofcr pulled his mask down and pepper sprayed him. ⁦@NYPDShea? Mayor ⁦@BilldeBlasio?”

    “Protests started in Erie.. a girl here was peacefully protesting, after 15 minutes she was maced and kicked.. #PoliceBrutality”

    “Police just raided the gas station we were sheltering at. After shouting press multiple times and raising my press card in the air, I was thrown to the ground. Then another cop came up and peppered sprayed me in the face while I was being held down.”

    In this video, two cop cars start driving through protesters:

    If this police violence is not “systemic,” why is it happening in almost every major city where protests and riots are occurring? If it isn’t systemic, won’t every officer who fired on peaceful protesters, reporters, and bystanders be arrested or, at the very least, lose their jobs?

    You can speak out against this kind of thing, Jack. As a former officer, you have a lot more credibility to do so than I do.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Unfortunately, what we have now is just a one sided story. It will likely stay one sided because the of the monopoly the left has on news media. Cops have no counter to that, they don’t write the story that indicts them, only the people who have a bias and an agenda get to do that. However, history shows that case after case, long after the damage is done, a bigger picture emerges that is much closer to the whole truth. We owe this to the verdicts coming from our courts and the criminal justice system.

      All I can tell you now Chris, that as bad as the stories may appear at first read, if you put them under a microscope one at a time, the odds are the allegations won’t hold up. History shows this to be case in Ferguson, in Baltimore, in New York and so many other places over the last 50 years. I have no reason to believe that cops have suddenly changed into lawless pirates or that our tabloid mainstream media is now the great purveyor of the holy truth. So until both sides can be fully vetted, I reserve judgment. I will not assume anything – I will wait for the facts.

      • Chris says:

        Every link I gave you was to a video, Jack.

        As I pointed out yesterday, the “full story” of Ferguson involved rampant mistreatment of minorities by the police, according to the same DOJ report that cleared the officer who killed Michael Brown.

        The evidence is clear to all who choose to see it.

        • Tina says:

          That would be the same DOJ that stands accused of participation in a plot to destroy the opposition candidate in an election and then after he won, to exact a silent coup.

          The Obama administration had an activist agenda. The findings In Ferguson are suspect.

          • Chris says:

            “Stands accused” by Qanon cultists and their enablers on the far right. The accusations make no sense for reasons I have made clear on this site several times. If the Obama DOJ had tried to destroy Trump, there were several things they could have done that they did not do. In many instances, such as Comey’s announcement about re-opening the Hillary investigation a week before the election, they did exactly the opposite of what you would do if you were illegaly trying to tank the opposition.

            The findings In Ferguson are suspect.

            But you won’t provide any evidence contradicting their conclusions, because you don’t have any. You don’t need any. You don’t believe them because you hate the people involved, and you are psychologically invested indenying that systemic racism exists.

            “A Department of Justice study revealed that a whopping 84 percent of police officers report that they’ve seen colleagues use excessive force on civilians, and 61 percent admit they don’t always report “even serious criminal violations that involve abuse of authority by fellow officers.”


            But I’m sure the American Conservative is full of dirty NeverTrumpers and that’s why any numbers or facts they provide can be safely discarded.

    • Tina says:

      “What, exactly, is the difference between some of these police and the rioters?”

      One difference is the police did not start the riots. Another is the number of rioters vs. the number of cops. One is a mob he’ll bent on destruction, out of control and menacing, and the other a small group tasked with stopping the violence. Which side do you think has the edge? How well do you think you’d perform with an angry mob in your face, screaming, pushing, threatening, calling you names…

      Don’t bother. You seem to have empathy only for the vicious mob.

  5. Harold says:

    Jack, Common sense based on unbiased information is a wasted commodity on some….

  6. Joe says:

    Take a look at this…euthanizing these rabid animals is far too good for them…wonder how the liberals will defend this…it’s happening all over the country.

  7. Chris says:

    An independent autopsy contradicts the county medical examiner’s findings, concluding that Floyd did die of asphyxiation from sustained pressure:

    I am not a medical expert, but I know which one of these reports comports with the video we all saw. You do not keep your knee on a man’s neck for eight minutes unless you are trying to kill them.

  8. Chris says:

    Conservative columnist George Will:

    “The person voters hired in 2016 to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” stood on July 28, 2017, in front of uniformed police and urged them “please don’t be too nice” when handling suspected offenders. His hope was fulfilled for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on Minneapolis pavement…

    … The nation’s downward spiral into acrimony and sporadic anarchy has had many causes much larger than the small man who is the great exacerbator of them. Most of the causes predate his presidency, and most will survive its January terminus. The measures necessary for restoration of national equilibrium are many and will be protracted far beyond his removal. One such measure must be the removal of those in Congress who, unlike the sycophantic mediocrities who cosset him in the White House, will not disappear “magically,” as Eric Trump said the coronavirus would. Voters must dispatch his congressional enablers, especially the senators who still gambol around his ankles with a canine hunger for petting.

    In life’s unforgiving arithmetic, we are the sum of our choices. Congressional Republicans have made theirs for more than 1,200 days. We cannot know all the measures necessary to restore the nation’s domestic health and international standing, but we know the first step: Senate Republicans must be routed, as condign punishment for their Vichyite collaboration, leaving the Republican remnant to wonder: Was it sensible to sacrifice dignity, such as it ever was, and to shed principles, if convictions so easily jettisoned could be dignified as principles, for . . . what? Praying people should pray, and all others should hope: May I never crave anything as much as these people crave membership in the world’s most risible deliberative body.”


  9. Tina says:

    Shame on George Will! Telling the officers not to be “too nice” is not a call to use violence yet that’s what he implied. The anti-Trumpsters are prejudiced in their evaluation of Trumps use of language.

    There is no excuse for the riots and mayhem. It’s impossible to be nice or kind to such scum and do your job. Letting people do this with impunity gives them license.

    • Chris says:

      Tina: Shame on George Will! Telling the officers not to be “too nice” is not a call to use violence yet that’s what he implied. The anti-Trumpsters are prejudiced in their evaluation of Trumps use of language.

      It was absolutely, in context, a call for violence. Here’s more of what Trump said:

      “You just see ’em thrown in, rough. I said please don’t be too nice. Like when you guys put somebody in the car, and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put your hand over. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, O.K.?’”

      This is hardly the only time during the campaign that Trump revealed his lust for excessive force on behalf of the police and military. He promised to bring back torture and repeatedly told this bizarre lie about killing terrorists:

      onald Trump recently told crowds a story about U.S. Gen. John Pershing executing Muslim insurgents with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. It’s a gruesome story, and it is also not true. But it does point to a real, complicated history about the United States’ involvement in the Philippines during the early 1900s.

      Speaking in South Carolina ahead of the primary, Trump told his crowd that Pershing, who led U.S. troops during World War I, was a “rough guy,” according to Mother Jones. He then said that during the Moro rebellion in the Philippines (1899-1913, and Pershing served as governor of the Moro Province between 1909 and 1913), Pershing “caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage … and he took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and dipped 50 bullets in pig’s blood. You heard about that? He took 50 bullets and dipped them in pig’s blood. And he has his men load up their rifles and he lined up the 50 people and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, you go back to your people and you tell them what happened.”

      Trump also seemed to praise the Tiananmen square massacre:

      “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength,” Trump replied. “That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak…as being spit on by the rest of the world.”

      He has governed on these principles as well, pardoning soldiers for war crimes while punishing those who expose them:

      The record is clear: Trump loves it when police and soldiers use excessive force. He encourages it and rewards it.

      George Will is a principled conservative, meaning he stands against big government oppression of civilians and in favor of principles such as free speech. If you are not speaking out against the police abuses I have shown you on this site, then I assume you do not stand for those things and that you, like Trump, are not a conservative, but an authoritarian.

      I have condemned the rioters–but that means the unnecessary destruction and violence from civilians and the police. You have only condemned one side–and it hasn’t been the people our taxes pay, the people who swear an oath to protect and serve, the people who are supposed to be accountable to the public. You need to ask yourself why.

  10. Tina says:

    Antifa, an organization financed through leftist activist “tax exempt” organizations, is responsible for the riots. Pallets of bricks and some incendiary devices were dropped off at key locations in cities. Leftists George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Hollywood elites have contributed money for bail for these terrorists. Now that the president has designated Antifa as a terrorist group several laws can be applied that normally wouldn’t. RICO laws for instance. It’s about time!!

    This reminds me of the fight with organized crime in the thirties.

    • Chris says:

      Now that the president has designated Antifa as a terrorist group several laws can be applied that normally wouldn’t. RICO laws for instance.

      Yeah, no. The president has no constitutional authority to do that–not that you care.

      But there is no such official federal designation for domestic terrorism organizations.

      Experts cited other reasons a designation — even if it were made possible — would be difficult or questionable. Antifa isn’t one organization but rather an umbrella term for far-left militant anti-fascism groups.

      James J.F. Forest, professor in the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s School of Criminology and Justice Studies, told us in an email. “So, imagine the difficulty a prosecutor would face in a court of law ‘proving beyond a reasonable doubt’ an individual was a member of ANTIFA.”

      As far as we know, antifa doesn’t have bank accounts or assets or infrastructure, Faiza Patel, director of the liberty & national security program at the Brennan Center for Justice, told us in an interview. Also there haven’t been any deaths attributed to anti-fascist violence, and one of the hallmarks of foreign terrorist organizations — a designation the U.S. government does make — is the acknowledgement of attacks that involve many fatalities.

      RICO laws for instance.

      LMAO! Tina, there is literally an entire genre of meme making fun of people who invoke RICO when it doesn’t apply…this is just a comical level of legal ignorance.

  11. Peggy says:

    Off topic.

    I’m watching “Grant” a miniseries on the History Channel that is great. If you missed recording it here’s the link to full episodes. It’s even produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • RHT447 says:

      Agreed, very well done. Haven’t been able to watch all of it yet.

      “When Camargo was reached, we found a city of tents outside the Mexican hamlet. I was detailed to act as quartermaster and commissary to the regiment. The teams that had proven abundantly sufficient to transport all supplies from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande over the level prairies of Texas, were entirely inadequate to the needs of the reinforced army in a mountainous country. To obviate the deficiency, pack mules were hired, with Mexicans to pack and drive them. I had charge of the few wagons allotted to the 4th infantry and of the pack train to supplement them. There were not men enough in the army to manage that train without the help of Mexicans who had learned how. As it was the difficulty was great enough. The troops would take up their march at an early hour each day. After they had started, the tents and cooking utensils had to be made into packages, so that they could be lashed to the backs of the mules. Sheet-iron kettles, tent-poles, and the mess chests were inconvenient articles to transport in that way. It took several hours to get ready to start each morning, and by the time we were ready some of the mules first loaded would be tired of standing so long with their loads on their backs. Sometimes one would start to run, bowing his back and kicking up until he scattered his load; others would lie down and try to disarrange their loads by attempting to get on the top of them by rolling on them; others with tent-poles for part of their loads would manage to run a tent-pole on one side of a sapling while they would take the other. I am not aware of ever having used a profane explicative in my life; but I would have the charity to excuse those who may have done so, if they were in charge of a train of Mexican pack mules at the time.”

      2Lt U.S. Grant
      Camargo, Mexico
      August, 1846

      Excerpt from Ulysses S. Grant—Memoirs and Selected Letters

      ISBN 978-0-94045058-5

      After the surrender at Appomattox, many Union officers went across the lines in search of old friends. General George Meade went to see Robert E. Lee. Lee remarked that Meade’s beard had more grey in it than he remembered. Meade replied,”Well, you’re responsible for most of it!”.

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