Project 1619 – Explaining Why There is a Growing Racial Divide in America

Posted by Jack

Project 1619 began it’s life as a series of magazine articles by the New York Times on the history and impact of slavery in America.  It was in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in the Virginia colony from Africa.  The articles were designed to be compelling evidence that America was founded in slavery and that the ripples of slavery has permeated and tainted every aspect of America. 

It infects our capitalist system and its in every area of a privileged white society.  Project 1619’s  narrative poses that slavery is the root cause of today’s unrest and injustice against blacks in America, especially by police, says the articles.

This is why blacks are saying there is systemic racism and oppression against them in ways that privileged white Americans need to know and understand, if there is to be justice and peace. (Fair enough)

1619 says in effect, that until we can all (meaning black and woke white America)  can come together and tear down the institutions of slavery that America was founded on, including the capitalist system, black America will continue to be de facto slaves, suffering the indignities of white oppression.  Until America is rebuilt under a new paradigm, blacks will continue to endure the social, psychological and economic conditions born from slavery. (the details about what should be torn down is scary)

If you believe the above, you would be mostly wrong.  You have only heard a seriously biased interpretation of our history and a sloppy interpretation at that.  This is a disservice to everyone!

History deserves to be remembered as it was and not what we would like it to be.   This attempt at revisionist history is now being taught in thousands of our schools as fact.  This makes the 1619 Project dangerous because so many of the conclusions are based on false information.  Unfortunately, it plays perfectly into the radicals narrative that is dividing and undermining our society.

Can you spare 15 minutes of your time now to hear the rest of the other story, the real story about Project 1619 and it’s goals?

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16 Responses to Project 1619 – Explaining Why There is a Growing Racial Divide in America

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks Joe, this exactly what I’ve been saying. Look, between myself and my son, we have 24 years of law enforcement experience. We’ve worked for a total of five police departments and we’ve both made thousands of arrests, many of the people were armed, many of them for violent crimes such as murder. We both had large minority communities in the places we’ve worked and neither one of has killed anyone or even shot anyone. Both of us have been shot at several times and I was almost stabbed (black assailant) once, but I was helped by a black citizen during that knife incident. You would think that if cops are as bad as people say they are, I would have a lot of notches on my weapon, but that’s not the case.

      • Harold says:

        People need to aware of George Floyd’s “violent criminal history” and it needs to be remembered.

        “What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll told his members in a letter posted Monday on Twitter.

        Kroll also made a statement that aligns with Joe’s post:
        ‘Protests over his death (Floyd) are the work of a “terrorist movement.”

        • Peggy says:

          There was over 100,000 people who died from the China virus who had family and friends who weren’t allowed to have a funeral for those who loved them. How many are going to be outraged after seeing tens of thousands attending Floyd’s funeral? I’d estimate well over 400,000.

          • Post Scripts says:

            Peggy, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. He is a martyr for the black cause? He was an ex-con, did 5 for armed robbery, was a drug addict, threaten to kill a pregnant black woman, he was trying to commit a felony and was high on a mix of intoxicants when he was arrested. But, he’s a righteous man because he either died from a heart condition or an improper police control hold contributed to his death.

        • Peggy says:

          Doesn’t make sense to me either Jack. But, when you have the DNC funded by the BLM and the voice of the mainstream media you and a handful of others are the only ones who know those facts about his past. The man did not deserve to die at the hands of anyone, let alone a cop, but they had a work history that apparently was troubled. I have not heard those facts.

  1. RHT447 says:

    Off topic–today is June 6th. D-day.

    Heard a second hand account of a guy who was an army NCO hitting the beach on D day. While they were waiting on the ships, one of he troops was really down, so he stopped to chat with him. Seems the lad was convinced that his number was up and he would not survive landing. The Sarge told him it probably wouldn’t be that bad, and that afterwards they would be in France, where the young ladies really liked sharp looking young guys. He convinced the young lad what he needed was a fresh haircut, and personally gave him one. Sometime later the Sarge remarked, “It seemed to cheer him up. At least I hope it did. He was one of the first ones killed going down the ramp”.

    Live every day. Tomorrow is promised to no one, even though it has been paid for by those who went before.

  2. Joe says:

    Jack, I was at the airport the other day and saw these planes. Never saw them three before but I don’t go to the airport very often.

    Do you fly any of these planes?

  3. Peggy says:

    Thankfully there are organizations like the Wodson Center founded to tell the truth and educate our youth through the 1776 project. Bob Woodson and Shelby Steele appeared on the Mark Levin show tonight and as two black men expressed the problems the democrats have done and are doing now that harm Blacks and our nation.

    The Woodson Center – 1776:
    Our Mission
    “The Center’s mission is to transform lives, schools, and troubled neighborhoods, from the inside out. Current programs are the Violence-Free Zone youth violence reduction program and training and technical assistance for community/faith-based organizations.”

    Shelby Steele:
    “Too often the result of affirmative action has been an artificial diversity that gives the appearance of parity between blacks and whites that has not yet been achieved in reality…Preferences tend to attack one form of discrimination with another…Affirmative action encourages a victim-focused identity, and sends the message that there is more power in our past suffering than in our present achievements.”

    “Every single progressive education fad of the past thirty years has hurt poor black children.”

    ‘White Guilt’ and the End of the Civil Rights Era:

    “Author and race relations scholar Shelby Steele talks about his provocative new book, White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. Steele says since the civil rights movement, the pendulum has swung all the way from white supremacy to white guilt — a condition he says has been just as harmful to black America.”

  4. Tina says:

    The Epoch Times reports today that 17 people have been killed during the riots, most of them law enforcement, ranging in ages 18 to 70.

    Liberal leaders, including Biden, are calling for defunding and/or eliminating law enforcement. These political animals actually believe the majority of Americans favors lawlessness and chaos.

    As Americans we are bound by agreement in the Constitution which grants free speech rights. Murder, looting, assault, and arson are not examples of speech. These are lawless acts that should be condemned. Instead one party appears to be embracing and defending such acts.

    We must support our men and women in blue and our beautiful republic.

    Racism is not systemic in America. In fact special interest groups have dismantled and nearly destroyed the vital construct of equality under the law.

    No person, no family, no community, no group is perfect. Our nations principles and rule of law are designed to ensure equal treatment under the law.

    Anarchy ensures nothing but chaos…survival of the fittest…might makes right.

    We must send the strongest possible message in support of our constitution and system of justice if we are to hold on to Our nation…to this republican form of government.

  5. cherokee jack says:

    It’s possible I’ve been watching politicians and TV commercials for too long. I’ve developed a habit of not trusting anything I see or hear.
    For instance, when the economy was shut down over a flu virus, my suspicious mind wondered if the disease was really the result of an accident, and was the response proportional?
    So I asked myself, who would benefit from a worldwide depression? China? The Liberal establishment? Trump haters? The One World Government folks? Lex Luthor? Are all these one and the same?
    While I was contemplating the possibilities, some dumbass rogue cop, seemingly unaware he was on video for almost ten minutes, did something amazingly stupid. Didn’t he know that every person on earth now has a phone with a video camera? Was he checked for drugs at any time? Or is he just a psychopath?
    There are several possibilities for what that insane act could have instigated.
    Onlookers could have beat the hell out of the stupid cop and his impotent partners on the spot. Such a response is not unheard of, if the right crowd is nearby.
    Or, the City of Minneapolis, the governor, the news media, and all the civil rights organizations in the country could have put on the pressure to make sure justice was done ASAP.
    Or, the City of Minneapolis, the governor, the news media, and all the civil rights organizations in the country could have speculated out loud that rioters might attack the already crippled businesses nationwide and destroy those that hadn’t already suffered enough.
    As I watched the mayhem, night after night, my paranoid brain again began to take control. Wasn’t all this a bit of out of proportion? Why did it look like the entire world was in favor of the violence and destruction?
    And, could any sane person possibly believe they could solve the problem by eliminating police from the cities???
    Why do I have the feeling there are voices in the background, providing the talking points, funding operatives and sending them to strategic spots, doing their best to push the country into the abyss, ala California?
    Now we’ve started hearing strange apologies from unlikely people.
    Apparently, many thoughtful celebrities and politicians have, at some time in their life, said something that has offended someone. I read some of those offensive statements. They were, unanimously, simple, inoffensive, if not PC, expressions of opinion. Nevertheless, the abject apologies have proliferated recently. My first reaction was that these apologies sounded a lot like the confessions made by prisoners of war while still in captivity.
    For those who haven’t already noticed, I find myself being very careful about the language I use when expressing my opinions. I don’t want to have to refuse to publicly apologize. Since I’m not a celebrity, I would more likely be sent to a re-education camp to get my mind right.
    If this semi-coherent rambling of mine irritates the thought police, don’t be concerned. I hold the high ground out here, so I’m probably OK. At least until they get an air force.

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