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Project 1619 – Explaining Why There is a Growing Racial Divide in America

Posted by Jack Project 1619 began it’s life as a series of magazine articles by the New York Times on the history and impact of slavery in America.  It was in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in the Virginia … Continue reading

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Reparations for Slavery Yes or No?

by Jack Argument in favor of reparations:  It’s been argued that blacks in America greatly contributed to economic growth and power of the Unites States in it’s early days because of slave labor.   And because of slavery, they were deprived … Continue reading

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With Allies like Hamid Karzai Who Needs Enemies?

by Jack Did you hear the latest about Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai? This screwball wants to pardon a bunch of Afghan’s who were locked up for attacking US soldiers. Today’s headlines read, US Tries to Block Release of Dangerous Prisoners. … Continue reading

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