by Jack

It’s been widely circulated among the snowflakes (code word for young, college students with no life experience) and other fragile and ridiculous people, that the word picnic is racist.  They point to the history revisionists, sometimes found in the Black Lives Matter movement, that are eager to tell us the word picnic is another code word for… “pick-a-ni- – – r.”

You may wonder, how do those 3 words that are obviously racist, relate to what we commonly call a picnic?  Yet that is what is being pushed on the internet, especially by the race baiters.  I think someone is trying way too hard make something racist that really isn’t.

Of course all the people who love to be politically correct buy right into this explanation with no investigation whatsoever, because it fits with their narrative of a racist America.

Now you can search the internet looking for the origins of the word “picnic” and you are bound to come across this highly fictionalized explanation.  It goes like this,  white people liked to have social gatherings outside their big mansions, with lots of delicious foods and drinks for their guests.  As they sat around drinking of course they needed some amusement.  This is the time the men folk would grab a couple of black men from a special holding cage.  These hapless slaves would be told to make a run for it or die!

For those that got away, well, they would be free.  But, allegedly nobody ever made it.  As the black slaves fled in terror, the evil white men would unleashed the hounds, mount up their horses and run them down like a fox hunt.   The black men were soon captured, brought back to the social gathering where they were tortured and hung for the amusement of the white Southern gentry!

Imagine all those refined women and children, the country gentlemen – all laughing, drinking, yelling as they hanged black slaves, perhaps as their little white kids looked on with delight!   This sick depiction of Southern life is one of the most outrageous lies I’ve ever heard,  And because of this lie we’re supposed to stop using the word picnic.

Aside from there being absolutely no evidence that such a crime ever took place, there is abundant evidence that use of the word picnic was from the French words picque-nique in the 1700’s  Its meaning was similar to today’s meaning: a social gathering where each attendee brings a share of the food. The French piquer may have referred to a leisurely style of eating (“pick at your food”) or it may, simply, have meant, “pick” (pic).   Further, SNOPES reported that internet claim that the word ‘picnic’ originated with crowds gathering to witness lynching’s was FALSE.


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  1. Post Scripts says:

    Me either, it only came to my attention 3 days ago. What a crock. We need to expose this lie and stop it before it turns into another “hands up don’t shoot”.

  2. Harold says:

    Internet stories like this are just getting progressively worst.

    • Chris says:

      But the Internet is not real life, and most people in this country will never even hear about this non-troversy. We don’t have to acknowledge everything. This is why Biden is winning; he doesn’t engage in these pointless Twitter-driven culture wars. Trump can’t get enough of them. The American people have already decided which vision of the country they prefer; all that’s left is to see whether, unlike in 2016, the majority will have their voices heard.

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