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by Jack It’s been widely circulated among the snowflakes (code word for young, college students with no life experience) and other fragile and ridiculous people, that the word picnic is racist.  They point to the history revisionists, sometimes found in … Continue reading

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Why Nobody Believes the Leftwing Media

Thanks go to Peggy for this find…. “Great article. The media is facilitating its own demise. I’ll highlight some of the content below, but worth reading it all. Why the Media’s Trump Lie Machine is Failing: “No one believes the … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth May Never be Known

by Jack National Public Radio has been claiming that the story about Obama’s birth place was never started by the Clinton campaign and that Trump’s allegation to the contrary is utterly false. But, was it? Is anything in politics ever … Continue reading

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Racism Hoaxes Perpetuate Protests on Campus

Posted by Jack As the University of Missouri is engulfed in turmoil by a large number of bratty students offended over racial incidents that might not have even happened, it’s important to note that race hoaxes are not uncommon on … Continue reading

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