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  1. Tina says:

    No comments? Interesting. Watergate was a break in at the opposition headquarters and after extensive harassment in the form of televised investigation it also became a story about coverup…a few bits of missing tape. People went to jail. It was a huge scandal that dogged the Republican Party for decades. Compared to this it was a prank!
    This scandal involves a party that used the offices of government to try to block the opposition candidate from running and later to undermine his presidency. The crimes involved are numerous and the number of players significant given they all work for us and are paid with our dimes. Where is the media spectacle, the ongoing hearings That beat the players to a pulp… how do they continue to get away with being journalists for the Democrat Party? Where is the outrage? We know they’re capable since they’re always outraged about the lies they concoct to create fake news.

    I understand there may be one or two more people who are coming forward with evidence. This investigation must bear fruit soon. It should happen before the election but I won’t hold my breath.

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