Two Propositions Require a YES Vote, 20 & 22

by Jack

There are only two ballot propositions that the CA GOP suggests you vote yes on, Prop 20 and 22.  They have not taken a position on Prop 19, but I have.  Prop 19 would allow seniors to move and keep their old property tax rate.  It’s a small perk for seniors who may want to locate closer to their kids, for example.  Personally, I wish that the government would finally allow people age 70 and older to own their home without fear of confiscation because of property tax.

Vote NO on  14- 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 21 – 23 – 24 – 25 

Vote YES on   20 – 22


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One Response to Two Propositions Require a YES Vote, 20 & 22

  1. J. Soden says:

    Here in AZ, only 2 propositions on the ballot. One – sponsored by the Red for Ed group – puts new taxes on businesses and individuals to be spent on schools and teacher salaries and will not allow changes unless said change is again placed on the ballot.
    The other is to open the doors to the potheads and make AZ like CO.
    And a NO vote for both.
    I like how NV does it. Ballot initiatives must pass two consecutive voter approvals before going into effect. Gives voters 2 chances to approve or disapprove.

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