When the Quarantine is Worse than the Disease – You Fight Back

by Jack


Thanks to the tyrannical behavior of the governor of this state, a protest will be held at the Chico City Council Chambers tonight at exactly 10:01 pm.   This is one minute past the governor’s mandatory curfew time of 10 pm when all persons, young and old, are ordered to be off the street and at home or be subject to arrest.

This is not a protest about reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is about pushing back against a petty tyrant who says do as I say, (not as I do.)

The Sheriff of Butte County took the lead on this and said his deputies will not be enforcing this new emergency order.  This action was soon followed by the Chico Chief of Police who has also stated he will defy the governor’s order.

I have no way of knowing at this time if other law enforcement agencies will stand up against this unfair and unconstitutional order, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more did.

As intelligent adults, who have been educated with the reports from medical experts for months, I expect that we know just as much about the COVID-19 threat as Governor Newsom.  That why we oppose his draconian orders.

We have weighed the facts and we can see no justification for tightening down on the closure of businesses and implementing this new curfew.   The quarantine itself is killing us and in more ways than COVID-19 ever could.

FAST FACTS:  The mortality rate for COVID-19 has continued to fall as doctors discover how to treat the disease.  The current mortality rate is less than .02% with the overwhelming majority of the deaths coming from those with underlying health conditions and over the age of 65.  Whether they died from COVIDs or with COVIDs has never been made clear in any statistical study.

It is expected that annually 2, 839, 000 Americans will die from natural causes. Covid deaths are currently 258,114 and the mortality rate is falling dramatically.   A 95% effective vaccine with extremely low side effects is ready and is soon to be distributed with widespread availability expected by February of 2021.

This is why citizens reject the extreme lockdown and we’re not going to take whatever the governor throws at us anymore.  We say YES to reasonable precautions that are in proportion to the threat.  We say NO to draconian measures sure to cause more harm than the virus.   It’s time to restore common sense.   Life comes with an element of risk, we can deal with it.

If a lockdown worked the first time why are we doing it a second time?  If it didn’t work the first time – why are we doing it a second time?



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