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Information That Could Save Your Life

by Jack In the not so sweet news, the FDA reports that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugar per year.  This has the effect of creating a sugar craving.  Simply put, the more you … Continue reading

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Eating Acorns

Posted by Jack I thought this was a great article. It’s timely, because it’s acorn season and you are about to discover than acorns are more than a food source for squirrels. So, do yourself a favor and check this … Continue reading

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The Amazing Telomere – The Secret to Living Longer and Healthier

Posted by Jack Last night I listened to a Nobel prize winner talk about her research on telomeres from the 1970’s.  You probably have never heard of a telomere before, but its something very important found on the end of … Continue reading

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Artificial Turf and Lead Exposure

by Jack Despite the EPA claim that it’s perfectly safe, a number of recent studies are concluding that unacceptably high levels of lead are leached from artificial turf, this is the kind commonly used in playgrounds. The EPA is walking … Continue reading

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WalMart Haters Please Take Note: WalMart Insurance is Better than Obamacare!

Posted by Tina The Washington Examiner posts surprise findings from a comparison between Walmart’s insurance plan and the health exchange plans under Obamacare. All of those Walmart haters that have criticized the company for its inferior healthcare plan should now … Continue reading

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Dramatic Drop in Health Insurance for the Self Employed – ObamaCare Draws Cheers!

Dramatic Drop in Health Insurance for the Self Employed – ObamaCare Draws Cheers! (Just kidding) by Jack For the self-employed only five states have announced their new health-insurance premium rates and in all but one the rates are higher than … Continue reading

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