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Abortion Discussion – ((((KABOOM!!!))))

by Jack Both the prochoice and prolife  share irrefutable logic as well as overlapping moral concerns and both are very passionate in their belief, that’s a given.  Currently, some states are making it very difficult for a woman to get … Continue reading

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The Amazing Telomere – The Secret to Living Longer and Healthier

Posted by Jack Last night I listened to a Nobel prize winner talk about her research on telomeres from the 1970’s.  You probably have never heard of a telomere before, but its something very important found on the end of … Continue reading

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Genes, Environment, Culture – Its All About Who We Are

Preface – If you read Post Scripts, then regardless of your politics, there’s one thing for certain…you are not afraid to discuss tough subjects. This is going to be one of those subjects, and perhaps it’s the toughest I’ve ever … Continue reading

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