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Okay, this is weird

Posted by Jack As if California couldn’t get any weirder, we’re now #1 in UFO sightings.  I know, UFO’s stories conjure up visions of people in tin foil hats, but we’ve got too many unexplained observations, some by professionals, some … Continue reading

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Gain Muscle – DNA Science Break-thru

by Jack For most of us, going to the gym is boring. We have better things we could be doing than repetitious exercise. Good news! Enter a huge break-thru in muscle building. But, this discovery, actually discoveries, is more than … Continue reading

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Genes, Environment, Culture – Its All About Who We Are

Preface – If you read Post Scripts, then regardless of your politics, there’s one thing for certain…you are not afraid to discuss tough subjects. This is going to be one of those subjects, and perhaps it’s the toughest I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Artificial Turf and Lead Exposure

by Jack Despite the EPA claim that it’s perfectly safe, a number of recent studies are concluding that unacceptably high levels of lead are leached from artificial turf, this is the kind commonly used in playgrounds. The EPA is walking … Continue reading

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Top Climate Scientists Admit Global Warming Forecasts Were…(gasp) Wrong!?

Posted by Jack Top climate scientists have admitted that their global warming forecasts are wrong and world is not heating at the rate they claimed it was in a key report. A leaked draft of a report by the UN … Continue reading

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