Dollar Makes You Holler – MilkBite


I had seen and been intrigued by this product for a while now at the 99 Cent Store, and then been disturbed that there seemed to be so many boxes sitting there for so long. But I like milk and chocolate and the name has a nice ring to it.

Unfortunately, the niceness ends there. MilkBite is touted as milk and a granola bar, but it inhabits a weird netherworld: It has neither the pleasant crispness of a granola bar nor the tasty creaminess of milk. It tastes and has the mouthfeel of a damp cookie — but not a good cookie, more like ones that are marketed as “healthy” (and I challenge you to come up with a food that actually tastes good “damp.”)

Well. At least my curiosity has been sated (if not my palate) and the mystery of the many boxes on the shelf has been solved. Take that, Agatha Christie, yeah!

MilkBite found at the 99 Cent Store at 2560 Notre Dame Boulevard Chico, CA 95928.

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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