In Hindsight: When pictures pose a problem


Bjorn with a bjorn (bjorn means “bear” in Swedish. Alas, this photo did not make it into the church directory.)

My husband and I took professional posed pictures for the first time this week for our church directory.

We missed out on engagement pictures because I wanted a photobooth at our wedding more. Besides, my husband is quite the shutterbug and almost every single day of our courtship has been chronicled and posted on Facebook (of course.)

So I was a bit taken aback at what happens with this sort of thing.

First up was the magnitude of effort in coordinating outfits. We made a special trip to the mall. We hunted through racks and pored over hangers. We couldn’t find anything that we both liked, so we ended up getting a strawberry Julius instead (which happily, does go with every outfit.)

Later we discovered we already had coordinating clothing in our wardrobes that we both liked (of course.)

I was also amazed to discover that though I felt I was placed in the most awkward positions possible — my head tilting unaturally, my limbs askew — in the pictures it looked perfectly natural.

But perhaps the most surprising thing I discovered at the photo shoot is that my husband can not sustain a smile without emitting strange noises.

Hitherto, our previous photo-taking opps had taken less than 3 seconds. In an alien position for an extended time, my husband began leaking sounds that sounded halfway between laughter and a warthog rooting around in mulch.

“Hueh-hueh-hueh-hueh,” he breathed directly into my ear. I was woefully unprepared for this auditory attack, so of course I burst out laughing.

Our photographer was a bit puzzled, but then delighted at the expressions coming to light. “Great great great!” she said.

The pictures tell a different story.

Sigh. A lesson for next time.

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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