Fairy Tales never looked so good


Photo via abc.com
Jamie Chung (left) plays Mulan and Sarah Bolger is Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty on ABC’s TV show, “Once Upon a Time.”

I love me some “Once Upon a Time,” that TV show on ABC that posits that fairy tale characters are real, but have amnesia and are living in Maine because of a curse.

The first season was fraught with drama: Would the lead character, Emma, ever believe she was part of the fairy tale world? Would the evil queen/mayor stop her from breaking the curse? Would Snow White/Mary Margaret ever get with Prince Charming/David?

I loved the clever reworking and reimagining of old fairy tales: Rumpelstiltskin is also the Beast (of Beauty and the…), Grumpy was once known as Dreamy, Little Red Riding Hood IS the wolf.

While the second season still puts delectable twists on the old tales, it seems like the twists are serving a new purpose: to put hot people on the show.

In the second season’s opener, Mulan is introduced to the show, played by Jamie Chung. I laughed because it seemed a little forced, but hey, she’s cute, this is a Disney show and I’m all for diversity. In the following episodes, the pattern became clear: The guest stars/new characters must be jaw-droppingly good-looking, young and ethnically diverse (if you are white and have an accent it still counts).


Photo via abc.com
Colin O’Donoghue plays Capt. Hook in “Once Upon a Time” on ABC.

This was made clear in the episode where Capt. Hook is introduced to the show. Although I consider Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal in “Hook,” to be the standard by which all other villainous captains are to be measured, this Hook does have his charms. Hook, as played by Colin O’Donoghue, looks to be no older than his late 20s and rocks black leather and eyeliner like nobody’s business. If this Hook showed up in Neverland, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinkerbell and Wendy said, “Peter who?”

I can’t wait to see who they bring on next.

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6 Responses to Fairy Tales never looked so good

  1. Kelsy says:

    I’d like to add that the writers of the show have expanded past fairy tales and into folk lore (Mulan, Lancelot) and general literature (Dr Frakenstein, Alice in Wonderland). What’s next? Iconic TV worlds like Star Trek and Doctor Who? Now that Disney bought Star Wars when will Luke Skywalker make an appearance? I like your theory that they’re expanding for hotness sake. I often wish, when watching the show, that it were on Showtime or HBO instead of ABC, then we could wrench up the raunchiness and get rid of that annoying kid.

  2. Kelsy, I literally laughed out loud when I read the part about wrenching up the raunchiness and the annoying kid (I totally agree though; the kid is a little too goody-too-shoes and earnest to be real; plus you can tell he’s getting close to puberty which could wreak havoc on the show’s hotness status quo). BTW– I’m almost 100% positive Luke Skywalker is going to make an appearance and say, “Henry, I am your father.” 😀

  3. Kelsy says:

    LOL! Yes! Cause we don’t know who his father is! Genius! They should hire you as a writer for the show.

  4. I totally would do it. Although I’d probably end up just submitting rewritten “Gargoyle” plots 😀

  5. jammie is taba says:

    need i say more?

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