Dollar Makes You Holler – ‘I Voted’ sticker

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Provisional clerk Bob Bartlett wears an “I Voted” sticker on his head at the polling station at El Dorado County Senior Center in El Dorado Hills, Calif., on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Randall Benton)

I voted on Tuesday. As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, I got a sticker. You know the one: has a flag in one corner, the words, “I Voted” on it.

The tween girl inside of me that salivated over all things Mrs. Grossman and Hello Kitty was inordinately pleased. There’s just something I love about shiny pieces of paper that can stick to things.

Plus, this little sticker made me feel like I was part of an exclusive club, one in which members can walk around smugly, spouting effusive and bombastic bon mots about government and politics. Best of all — it was free!

But not really.

Hug a veteran this weekend.

Jammie Karlman is the entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise-Record. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @JammieKarlman

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  1. Yes, definitely you help the nation to change their destiny and to choose the right person to fight for your rights and provide you standard livings. In the end, i agree with you that you should feel that you are the part of special cause.

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