A Visit to the Hair Stylist

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My daughter, Kate, and I visited the hair stylist.  Guys visits barbers, gals go to “stylists.”  I need hair maintenance every three weeks.  My regular maintenance includes a 5-on-the-side-with-scissors-on-top.  I’m usually done in 11 minutes.

 DAUGHTER: Dad, my hair needs work. 

ME: Okay, you go first.

STYLIST: Do you want a style, trim, or cut?

ME:  There’s a difference?

 Kate walked to the chair and quickly made friends with the stylist who promptly pulled out a reference book containing photos, styles, colors, curls…a ton of information.  Not only was I the only guy around, I was the only person.  So, I bided time in the waiting area and thumbed through magazines.  Forty-five minutes later Kate was done.

hair style rabbitDAUGHTER: Dad, how do you like it?

ME: Uh, looks nice…what did she do?

DAUGHTER: You can’t tell?!  Hey, what’s that you’re reading?

ME: [Silence, embarrassment]

DAUGHTER: Is that Cosmopolitan?

ME: Uh…

 Guys can learn a lot reading Cosmopolitan Magazine.  But I sure wish they had photos of a style, trim, or cut (and gave advice on the right thing to say after a female gets their hair done).


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