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December is the Season for Puck Drops

(Hockey Player Magazine, December 2015) December is the season for leaf fall, snow fall, and puck drops. My hockey buddies grin when frosty windshields mask the morning commute, especially the guys from Minnesota or Canada where vegetables come in casseroles … Continue reading

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Spider Man Gets No Credit for Chivalry in the Kitchen

“I don’t like spiders and snakes, and that ain’t what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool.” Jim Stafford, Comedian, musician and singer-songwriter Maggie, my 9th grader, screamed louder than a jet engine.  Hun, my wife, shrieked “Get … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Hair Stylist

Category:                            A visit to the hair stylist Anxiety Level:                   Depends  Level of Difficulty:            Also Depends  Result of Blowing It:        Really Depends My daughter, Kate, and I visited the hair stylist.  Guys visits barbers, gals go to “stylists.”  I need … Continue reading

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Dad’s Promise Leads to Butt-Kicking

I haven’t trudged like that since my walk to the principal’s office.  My shoulders sagged and my head drooped.  The parking lot seemed a mile wide.  I called my wife, Hun. “We’re loading up.” “How’d Maggie do?  You sound beat.” … Continue reading

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