Hey Folks, It’s a Book Launch Party

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Earlier this week I spoke to the Chico Authors & Publishing Society, on how a 51-year-old guy set up the Etc. Guy blog.  After discussing a bunch of technical mumbo-gumbo, we all dove into a group conversation which involved teasing and laughs, at my expense.  I had a blast.  We viewed some Google Analytic map images showing Etc. Guy’s reach.  You’ll notice the gaps in Greenland, Africa, and Norway.  What’s with those guys?  If you know people in those places send them my link. 

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 7 PM at Lyon Books in downtown Chico, I have the official launch of “Let Me Tell You a Story” which is based on the Etc. Guy blog.  My book is a collage of stories published in 2012 and 2013.  Here’s the scoop:

Husband to “Hun” and father to teenage daughters “Kate” and “Maggie,” Eric Miller navigates the currents and treacherous waters of married life, parenthood, and aging.  He’s trapped in a house full of estrogen and often paddles upstream.  But he lives to tell, and write, the stories.

Here’s others are saying about Etc. Guy:

“More than once I’ve spit coffee from my nose from laughing.  Eric’s humor ranges from subtle and self-effacing, to ribald.  He writes what many of us think but don’t dare say.”

         Jeffrey Bergeron/Biff America, columnist for Backcountry Magazine

 ”Eric’s parental observations are amusing and provocative.  He stumbles through his role as a husband and father to two teenage daughters but presses on.” 

         Marne Larsen, Editor, Growing Up Chico Magazine

“Miller is an aging athlete that has more luck figuring out what’s happening on a hockey rink than in the minds of his wife and teenage daughters.”

          Q. Bryce Randle, Editor, Hockey Player Magazine

“A former North State Voices columnist, Miller observes daily, mundane, events and spins them into amusing stories.  He’s edgy, but most guys are.”

          David Little, Editor, Chico Enterprise-Record

If you live in Chico, which is west of Africa but east of Bodega Bay, come out to Lyon Books and give me a hard time.  It should be a hoot.

 Wednesday nights are a slow TV night anyway.

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