Writer Thanks Chico for a Great Book Launch

Etc Guy reading#1_140528I almost wore a sandwich-board sign, hired a clown, and rented a U-Haul® to import a truck load of cousins.  I expected an audience of 15—but was delighted that over 40 people attended Lyon Books last week for the official launch of my book “Let Me Tell You a Story.”   Often times, writers have no idea who reads their work.  So I was very humbled.  I’m more motivated than ever to press on.

 Thanks to those of you who came, and for the many others that sent encouraging notes.  Those that came walked in voluntarily, without bribes or losing any bets.  I greatly appreciate your support.

 If you are inclined, please write a book review for “Let Me Tell You a Story” on Amazon’s website. Writers appreciate feedback as it helps to sell books, which pays for print toner, the electric bill, and my IT guy.  And I need that guy, because my main Etc. Guy site crashed over the weekend (still working on it.)

You can post a review by clicking Amazon book review.  

In terms of Amazon’s book sales, I rank at number 1,384,325.  Yahoo, I’m in the top “two-million” (and that’s without my mom buying copies for her Pilates friends).  Maybe with additional reviews I can move up more slots, or at least ahead of the guy that wrote a book about socks.

Etc. Guy Book cover Front I have only 1,384,225 more slots to reach the Top 100.  What a crazy deal, help me get there.

Thank you Lyon Books for your hospitality.   Additional hard copies of “Let Me Tell You a Story” will be delivered to Lyon Books (135 Main Street in Chico) in time for Father’s Day.

But don’t wait until then to shop at, and support, a cool store.


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