A War on Police?

by Jack Lee

It seems like every time a group of blacks encounters a police officer arresting a black man/woman for anything, its another opportunity to interfere, cause trouble and play the race card.   

In the inner city, blacks are particularly well known for banding together against the cops.  The really tough groups use the most foul and threatening language  they can against the police.   We’ve all seen the videos and you know this is true.   The locals don’t want the cops there to arrest anyone for anything, because the next time it could be them.   I’ve seen this happen many times, as a cop and as a civilian.  On the other side,  I can also say with confidence that most police officers are just trying to do their job to the best of their ability, despite the angry resistance from the black community.      

Ironically, it’s dangerous on the street for young blacks growing up and cops alike.  The both have to be on guard, but for entirely different reasons.  Another irony is, race doesn’t matter if you are a cop, its that uniform that is drawing fire.

Dallas and our long history of confronting the police shows there’s simply too many haters out here!  These haters didn’t start out that way, they’ve been duped by the wild stories about the police brutality, the stupid stories about cops hating blacks, and how cops are allegedly busting black people for little or no reason at all.  These haters are crazy dangerous and they would likely kill cops, if given the opportunity. This makes the police job incredibly stressful, and volatile.  Few of us could handle it and even fewer still would want too!

There is no question in my mind that some of this racism stems from President Obama on racial bias.   He’s set back race relations by decades.

Because of all the hostility, the race baiting, the black leaders acting imprudently, law enforcement has become a thankless job.  Just too many provocateurs piling on the cops with their stupid opinions that are simply ill informed or flat out wrong, but they have the pulpit.

Cops are not monsters, they’re just people.  They’re not perfect, but on the whole and as a profession they the best of us.  Most cops just try to work around the anger in the black community and do the best they can, protect us, all of us.  They are public servants and they deserve our support, but they sure aren’t getting it at the moment.

It seems the public is now second guessing almost everything the cops do, and that’s not fair.  Nobody but the cop in the moment could evaluate a given situation.  We wouldn’t know what they heard, saw, or thought, but civilians armed with a tiny bit of information think they can judge the actions of that cop within minutes of the news story coming out.   I guess it’s easier to go after the cops than be patient, wait for the facts and then put the blame where it really belongs.  Attacking the credibility and dedication of the police seems like the popular thing to do, from the black community agitators to unworthy politicians trying to grab votes!  Cops are an easy target because they can’t defend themselves like their biased accusers can.

black-crime-statistics-fox-news-12614My first experience with racial hatred took place when I was a teenager.  One day by sheer chance I happened to drive through a black neighborhood as a riot was breaking out and let me tell you, it was a scary scene.  This was the Watts Riot and that debacle  wound up in total anarchy for a time.  It was so bad the National Guard had to be called out to restore order.

Arson lit fires burned down whole city blocks and there was millions in property damage before it was over.

There were stores burning, windows were broken out everywhere, several people were pulled from cars and beaten (I saw that on the news when I got home).  There was rampant looting and then there were deaths.

It was all so tragic and in my opinion….totally unwarranted.   Because it all began over a simple drunk driving arrest!   Two white cops arresting a black man was all it took.   He was not shot or beaten, he was simply being arrested and the scene became volatile.  The black quickly community rioted.  Okay, let me back up, that racial hate and hate for the police had been simmering in Watts for years, this drunk arrest was just the trigger.

See, that’s what face.  They face that kind of extreme threat every day working in black neighborhoods.  You never know what will cause the next riot.

If you examine the race based rioting that has followed since the Watts riot you will find a fairly consistent pattern showing up over and over.  It goes something like this:  Cops attempt to make an arrest, it doesn’t go well, things get out of control because of a mistake in judgement or an inability to contain the situation.   Anyway, something ugly happens and this is then followed by a rush to judgement by many more black groups.  They will soon leverage it into a major problem, perhaps a full-on riot with  looting or worse!

When this happens, the racial tensions within America always get worse.  It’s a lose lose for everyone.   And this is often caused by just a few violent prone blacks.  But the race baiters like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton love to stir things up because now they are important!   They are unapproved black spokesmen.  However, if these agitators are not available, you can rest assured there will be some rabble-rouser ready to take their place.

Why do they deliberately cause trouble? I don’t know, but there’s a lot of varied reason I’m sure.  Perhaps it’s so they can loot a local liquor store or steal stuff?  You tell me, because the reason these people do violent things is a real mix of things.  Sometimes I’m not sure they know why they do it.  It’s just a mob action thing.

Mobs are not logical – they are emotional.   There’s rarely any sort of connection between protesting and looting, they are two very different things done for vastly different reasons.   But, our dear old leftwing media and those chronic race-baiters will always be there, ready to assign some lame excuse or just to blame the police.  People lie a lot in civil unrest just to gain some advantage.   Even the President of the United States has done it.  He’s jumped on this political band wagon and he began doing it only days after his election.   It didn’t take long for his racial bias to show!

Four times President Obama has rushed to judgment and assigned blame onbarack-obama-13 the police or someone other than on the black criminal offender.   And 4 times, he was absolutely on the wrong side.  But, he’s never issued an apology when he was shown to be wrong, has he?  Even though he started his presidency with an apology tour for his views of America’s past transgressions.

So now we have these decades of overreaction to police incidents by the black community and it happens with such regularity that you might think they are using the police as an excuse to loot, rob, beat, bully, burn and destroy.   This means looting, burning and destroying black owned businesses too! Where’s the logic and fairness in that?

When it comes to rioting, the street thugs will abound.  And because the cops are controlled by politicians they are forced to use kid gloves.  Then the politicians make windy speeches about reforming the police and shift the blame on them!  But, on the other side the black mob is ready to loot at the slightest opportunity, i.e. Ferguson, Mo and Baltimore, Md.

This civil unrest began in earnest with the Philadelphia race riots in 1964 and spread to Watts in 1965.  Then came the 1966 – Division Street riots, June 12-14, Humboldt Park, Chicago, Illinois 1966 – Omaha riot of 1966, July 2, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966 – 1966 Chicago West-Side riots, July 12-15, Chicago, Illinois, 1966 – Hough riots, July 18-24, Cleveland, Ohio  1966 – Waukegan riot, August 27, Waukegan, Illinois, 1966 – Benton Harbor riots, August 30 – September 4, Benton Harbor, Michigan, 1967 – Long Hot Summer of 1967 refers to a year in which 159 race riots erupted across the United States, including: 1967 – Avondale riots, June 12-15, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1967 – Buffalo riot of 1967, June 27, Buffalo, New York 1967 – 1967 Newark riots, July 12-17, Newark, New Jersey, 1967 – 1967 Plainfield riots, July 14-21, Plainfield, New Jersey, 1967 – Cairo riot, July 17, Cairo, Illinois,  1967 – 1967 Detroit riot, July 23-29, Detroit, Michigan, 1967 – Cambridge riot of 1967, July 24, a.k.a. the H. Rap Brown riot, Cambridge, Maryland, 1967 – Milwaukee riot, July 30, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and from here until 2015 there were about 60 plus race riots of a similar nature, i.e., always by blacks, allegedly upset with cops, but using looting of liquor stores as their primary way of distressing and managing their anger.

ferguson65A few more examples:  1991 – Crown Heights riot, August 1991, Brooklyn, New York.  Remember the 1992 – L.A. Rodney King riots, April-May 1992, Los Angeles, California or the 2010 – BART verdict riot, July 8, in response to verdict in BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant? About 100 businesses were damaged and 78 people were arrested. Oakland, California.  Getting the picture yet?

2014 – Ferguson, Missouri, August 10. Protests turned into violent riots and unrest after the death of teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a Ferguson police officer. “Burn this bitch down” was said to the mob by Michael Brown’s step-father (ex-con).  Obama chose to console the suspects mother and sided with the black community, until the officer was who was found completely innocent of any wrong doing.  But, from that incident the big lie, “Hands up – Don’t shoot” continues to be heard at race protests and race marches around the country.  Truth seems to matter little to these racial hate group, looking for trouble, not justice!

2015 – Baltimore, Maryland – After days of semi-peaceful protests, rioting and looting began on Monday, April 27, 2015 following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.  It was widely assumed by the court of mostly black and liberal public opinion, that 6 officers murdered low-life Gray.  Then one by one the officers are found innocent in a real court, who heard the real evidence and facts.

The above incidents of black misconduct represents only a small portion the many major racial incidents of record.

Too often we’ve seen mobs of black people, the media calls protesters, behaving badly, committing felonies in order to allegedly protest the fact that bad cops are always arresting them for no reason at all…and certainly not for the ”felonies” they committed.  ferguson 1

Thousands, nay tens of thousands, of black lives are lost every decade or so not to police, but to black offenders.  However,  I challenge you to name one of those black victims?

Don’t black lives matter no matter who is killing them?  But, let one cop shoot one black man, for any reason, and you know that guys name.  There is an automatic rush to judgement against the police, and leading the charge is our own President Obama.  It’s no wonder cops have boycotted Obama whenever they could.

Folks I think a race based war has been declared against law enforcement by a large number of foolishly misinformed people within the black community.  I say foolishly misinformed because it certainly isn’t because they are seeking racial justice.  If that were the case why are they looting liquor stores or burning down businesses?   The stores were not involved!

So, I fail to see the connection between stealing booze and protesting the police. But, nobody wants to come out and say this do they?  No, it’s politically incorrect and liberal politicians would rather defend the black community and validate their irrational behavior and hate against the police.  But, by agreeing with the criminals and calling for reform within the police department, they undermine the trust in law enforcement and worse, they set the stage for the  next riot!

Well, the police may indeed need some reforming, but then you show me the institution that doesn’t?  However, if it’s black lives you want to save, then reforming the violent prone black community would be about 1000 times more productive than anything you could reform within law enforcement.   If you really think black lives really matter, then lets start asking the hard questions, like why every year over 3000-4000 black people die at the hands of 3000 plus black offenders?

President Obama has yet to address that ugly statistic or the overrepresentation of blacks in a daily contact with the police.  He has yet to mention how blacks are overrepresented in the county lock ups and in prison system, but he’s darn sure quick to point out that blacks are somehow victims of overly aggressive enforcement, even before the facts are known.

It’s obvious Obama  has his bias and he is skirting the real problem . He is laying it all on police.  And now police are dying because of it, at the hands of outraged, but totally misinformed, black offenders.

Baltimore-riots34You can’t second guess every move of every officer who might be dealing with a black offender or you will take this country down into anarchy.  At some point you must trust in what the police sees, hears, feels, tastes and touches because he is there, he is trained to do the job and YOU ARE NOT.   As to the Black Panthers following cops around, the police don’t deserve that kind of scrutiny.  Instead somebody ought to following around the Black Panthers and groups like them!

Folks, the hard facts and the FBI statistic don’t back up the anger and vitriol against the police – it’s not even close it is that out of proportion!  Until we are prepared to address the many, many problems within the black community, especially in the inner city, we ought to lay off criticizing the police.  Lets get behind them instead and let the criminal justice system do its job.   The police and our courts are deserving of our support….black mobs rioting in the street are not!

PS  There was another rush to judgement over the recent police shootings in Minnesota and in Louisiana.   The governor of Minnesota says that the black suspect would not have been shot if he was white…lets see if that one holds up or if the officers in Baton Rouge were justified.   Many people would like to see these officers hung – stay tuned.

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25 Responses to A War on Police?

  1. J. Soden says:

    Obumble won’t address either his rush to judgement or to the REAL problems in the black community. His home is supposed to be Chicago – with the daily shootings – but he’s been deafeningly silent on that.

    If he doesn’t care about his home city, what makes you think he cares about anyone other than himself????? Obumble operates on the premise that if any action doesn’t fit the advancement of his agenda(s) than it just doesn’t count.

    The current attitude toward police by the BLM thugs is reminiscent of the Haight-Ashbury days where all cops were supposed to be pigs. Maybe it’s time the BLM thugs be labeled for what they are – a hate group!

  2. Tina says:

    It’s been a week of death and a weekend of rage. RAGE! That’s how BLM describe their protest in Philly today. Their plan is to disrupt and block officers, preventing them from doing their jobs. If you’re a black citizen of America venting “rage” is acceptable…lauded by some…justified!. if you’re black you get special privileges when it comes to disrupting the lives, and the safety, of the community.

    Some young skull full of mush seriously talked about removing their “chains.” Give me a break. This generation doesn’t know the meaning of being oppressed. Their deal is that they love the self-important game of being an agitator in a mob armed with posters and a cause…even a manufactured cause will do.

    I’d tell them to get a job but their fearless leader has created such a $#&% economy there aren’t any to be found.

    Meanwhile in Minneapolis a family mourns the death of a two year old boy and worries over the wounds sustained by a 15 month old little girl, both of whom were caught in the cross fire of rival gangs.

    And what about the police officers who now, in addition to running toward trouble and criminals, get to try to manage these protesters. They are expected to keep their cool while protesters are free to sling foul language and make ugly gestures. They are supposed to make sure the drama doesn’t escalate while protecting people and property. What do they get for their patience and discipline?

    USA Today:

    The number of police officers shot and killed in the USA is 44% higher than at this time last year following the Dallas ambush Thursday night that left five officers dead, according to data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. … it was also the latest of 11 ambushes of police officers so far this year across the country, already outpacing the eight ambushes of law enforcement that occurred last year.

    Yes, let’s all pretend what’s going on here is a police officer problem.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Re : “Thousands, nay tens of thousands, of black lives are lost every decade or so not to police, but to black offenders. However, I challenge you to name one of those black victims?

    “Don’t black lives matter no matter who is killing them? But, let one cop shoot one black man, for any reason, and you know that guys name. There is an automatic rush to judgement against the police, and leading the charge is our own President Obama. It’s no wonder cops have boycotted Obama whenever they could.”

    Eh, Dewey The Dopester?

    • dewster says:

      So do you guys still claim you are not racist? Cause this post is just that.

      Yes we have a police officer problem. There are good cops and bad cops.

      Make no mistake we will get justice reform. When a cop breaks the law he will be prosecuted.

      Joseph Houseman White Man waving a loaded rifle around and angrily shouting…..

      JOSEPH HOUSEMAN: That’s my First Amendment right.

      POLICE: No it’s not. You can’t swear.

      HOUSEMAN: That’s bullshit. I can threaten you if I want to.

      POLICE: That’s incorrect.

      HOUSEMAN: I can threaten you. I can threaten your family. I didn’t threaten your family; I said I could.

      POLICE: You said a war was coming.

      HOUSEMAN: I didn’t say a war was coming.

      POLICE: You said a revolution is coming.

      HOUSEMAN: Think about it. You know it is.

      Houseman refused Breathalyzer test, officers told him to come to the police station and claim it the next day. His gun was safely returned.

      Lance Tamayo white guy pointed gun at officer… Still alive…

      There are hundreds,,,,,,

      Black Men would be dead.

      Just say it you think white people are better

      • Tina says:

        Dewey, how many of those white guys you mentioned charged the officer like a bull…or attempted to take a weapon from the officer? And what happened? Were they eventually arrested and charged?

        Police officers have also engaged in heated conversations with gun wielding blacks that don’t end up dead. It all depends on the perp and the choices he makes.

        Bad cops DO get prosecuted and sent to prison.

        Your examples are stupid.

        The officers job is to calm the perp down and take control of the situation. When an officer is resisted and then threatened an impossible situation arises. It’s all in the hands of the perp.

        How bout you try being a cop for awhile before you go shooting off your mouth.

        Also some of the officers you’re bad mouthing are black and Hispanic. So? They’re only bad if their white? Who’s the racist now?

        • dewster says:

          Tina You make my point Cops have a tough job. So if you are not mentally and Physically fit to be a cop you should not have the job.

          Just being a Cop does mean you are special, above the law, or should necessarily have the job.

          We need to reform our police departments and have well trained people who are cut out for the job.

          name these cops who unjustly kill & have been prosecuted?

          name Them……. To you everyone of the victims is a Thug cause they were Black. Every cop that unjustly kills is a Hero, and ya wonder why these is a Race war starting…..

          And you also accept it. You better start adding this stuff up cause I am not buying there is no outside interference.

          You live in an Area where nothing really happens much. Then it act like the whole world can be explained by your view. Try sharing info, compassion and yearn for the truth.

  4. Libby says:

    “It seems like every time a group of blacks encounters a police officer arresting a black man/woman for anything, its a red flag and an opportunity to interfere and cause trouble.”

    Jack, this situation did not arise last week. This is a situation two hundred years in the making. Or, let’s just go back 40, to when I was taking dispatcher training at the SFPD, and to my training sergeant who was a treasure trove of local lore, much of it not quite pertinent to dispatching, but I never complained. He once expressed his disdain for the Oakland PD on account of their actively recruiting from southern states, because southern officers “knew how to handle the coloreds.” Oakland, a PD that, if current events are any indication, will be operating under a federal consent decree until the end of time.

    And as I said to Pie, the only race war in the offing is the one YOU are panting for.

    And that’s just because we, unlike other people, own the problem.

    • Tina says:

      How do you “own” it Libby? How?

      • Libby says:

        By admitting that something has gone horribly wrong with cop funding, training, and community support, and organizing some intense assessment and radical remediation.

        We don’t even know whether it’s always been horribly wrong and we’re only finding out about it now because of the glories of cell phone technology. Jack, you know perfectly well that the brotherhood has a long and illustrious history of covering for miscreants.

        Anyway, it’s all got to be sorted out and dealt with, which cannot happen until you admit that it needs to.

        Last year I had the great good fortune to interact with an officer working a house fire who was unreasonably agitated and sweaty and, I suspect, under chemically induced duress of some sort. You might say that man needs to be sacked. But if this is going to work, this realignment of the profession, what he needs is extensive therapy and job retraining. And you have to quit sniveling about paying for this kind of thing.

        • dewster says:

          Libby the new Factor is People Livestream with cell Phones. We have Cameras. It has always been this bad. We just Bust them now.

          Look at how some cops target people with cameras documenting events. They Just arrested Deray in LA. he was streaming and in a Legal Position.

          The cops do not want to be filmed. They do not like being accountable. That is why the PDX video is so cool. Cops know the Streamer. The are not bothered by the cameras. And He is the one that will provide the evidence on the an pulling the gun for them.

          Video documents truth.. Any time you see an event record it. We all do. It is for the safety of everyone involved including cops.

  5. Libby says:

    “It seems like every time a group of blacks encounters a police officer arresting a black man/woman for anything, its a red flag and an opportunity to interfere and cause trouble.”

    Jack, this situation did not arise last week. This is a situation two hundred years in the making. Or, let’s just go back 40, to when I was taking dispatcher training at the SFPD, and to my training sergeant who was a treasure trove of local lore, much of it not quite pertinent to dispatching, but I never complained. He once expressed his disdain for the Oakland PD on account of their actively recruiting from southern states, because southern officers “knew how to handle the coloreds.” Oakland, a PD that, if current events are any indication, will be operating under a federal consent decree until the end of time.

    And that’s because we, unlike other people, own the problem.

    As I said to Pie, the only race war in the offing is the one YOU are panting for.

    (Stupid machine.)

  6. Libby says:

    By the way, if you can bring yourself to do it, listen to Obama’s speech and press conference today. It is the only such that I have listened to, all the way through, in forty years.

    He is a lovely man.

    • Tina says:

      Oh sure, just lovely. He knows exactly what he thinks “his” people want to hear in any given setting. No leadership there.

      But what has he done except incite people to anger and create division among the people? I mean really…”the cops acted stupidly?” What the hell was that? And where exactly did he expect it to go if not toward resentment and division?

      Obama has acted stupidly during every single instigated incident, instigated for just this purpose.

      If you’re talking about his address to the nation on his plan to counter terrorism (at this late hour), you should know, it sounds like a dusted off George Bush speech.

      • Libby says:

        Did you really listen to it? Didn’t you even like the NATO part? Where he told Pooty we’re moving heavy armor back into the neighborhood to deal with his next incursion. I was sure at least Jack would like that part.

        Oh, and this is also why we cannot have a President who does not know what NATO is or does.

        A reporter asked him what he had to say to us citizens disenchanted with the 37-year war, and demoralized by the prospect of another 20 in Afghanistan. He did very well.

      • dewster says:

        LOL Come on now Tina, no one sounds like GW, he was the stupidest sounding Pres to date. Fact was he was stupid like a FOX. A snake in the Grass.

  7. Pie Guevara says:

    An excellent reality check from Jack. The voice of personal experience.

  8. dewster says:

    I would also like to mention The fallen officers were walking with protestors to protect them. They were all exercising their rights peacefully together. The fallen officers were the good cops. The protest and route was well organized with the help of Dallas Police.

    Dallas has a fantastic Police Chief. No confrontation, riot gear, or racist bull. But you twist the story into something it is not blaming protestors. You are disrespecting the fallen officers.

    You also ignore that a young gentleman was exercising his 2nd amendment right carrying an unloaded long gun. After the shooting he approached police and turned over the weapon saying he did not want to be mistaken as a shooter. He hung out with cops and was joking with them as his picture was broadcasted across America as a suspect. Good Cops.

    When he became aware of that he went in and they interrogated him, lying to him that they had him on video shooting, never apologized to date. BAD Cop Bullies.

    Black Man with Gun must be the shooter right?

    No responsible gun owner exercising his open carry in a peaceful protest does a smart thing.

    This Country was born from a Protest. We are in the beginning of another Revolution. Protestors will keep dumping the Tea in The Harbor.

    Bigots and Corps will loose again

    • Tina says:

      Black Man with Gun must be the shooter right?

      Black man with a gun was the shooter.

      “When he became aware of that he went in and they interrogated him, lying to him that they had him on video shooting, never apologized to date. BAD Cop Bullies.

      Evidence of this please! Rumors and twitter chat doesn’t make the grade.

      • dewster says:

        Tina seriously? What is wrong with you? Why is it that simple facts the whole country knows have to be proven to you?

        You simply do not have the wherewithal to be informed? Really?

        You just wrote this whole thing and you do not know simple facts? Really?

        Did you even bother to watch it unfold? ya know Dallas News has a Livestream and they were on the scene. They preempted 60 mins til late for it!

        How in the world do you have such opinions when you do not bother to research the facts or watch these events live? I watched it LIVE…….

        And yet rather than even GOOGLE it you accuse me of a Rumor? Seriously? Did you even see his Brother come on air and tell America that he was not the suspect as it was being broadcasted around the country?

        Today The man, his Lawyers, and family barely got away from white supremacists who recognized him by running to their car at a Dallas Hotel! Get with it Girl! If you are going to report at least try to be informed!

        Ya see We in the Citizens Media watch, go out, capture and report. Not copy RW Bogs and Opinions.

        Like I said in this case I watched it on Dallas News not citizens streams and you can not bother to find it? WOW

        Dallas news Very easy for the Average citizen to find


        Now we have to hope the relationship between police and these protestors is not harmed. People can not stand it when everybody gets along!

        Like I said a Black Man with a Gun was Innocent. His Picture was irresponsibly Broadcasted around the country.

        Learn to get the REAL NEWS …. There is your so called Rumor cause If I say it it can not be true!

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    The chief of police in El Paso, Texas, labeled Black Lives Matter a “radical hate group” Friday night, blaming them for Thursday’s shooting in Dallas and calling on policymakers to take a closer look at the movement.


    • dewster says:

      OMG! Alex Jones the fool! OMG!

      Jones is fed crap by the FBI ect. He is a Paid Op. He takes facts and makes them into conspiracies.

      Truth be told the initial fact is true. Not his analogies.

      What better way to hide the fact we are going down into a Police state of authoritarianism. That is very true.

      We are following the path china took into it even.

      The Race wars and Party divide is to keep us fighting and when it erupts into civil war…… Lock Down!

      This election is a Fake sham. Clinton did not win she stole it. Trump gathered the racist base and stole it the easy way.. his talent to manipulate free media….. he was the alternative to the same axehats that run every time.

      In the end the Donors are controlling everything. No trump is not self Funding. He is begging for money.

      • Tina says:

        “we are going down into a Police state of authoritarianism”

        Who is instigating and agitating for a “police state?”

        Who thinks the police force should be federalized?

        Who is creating the mahem and violence?

        Who has failed at building conditions for a robust economy and jobs?

        Who has promulgated the “Race wars and Party divide” over the last eight years?

        It certainly isn’t the Tea Party or any other conservative or right wing bunch!

        “Trump gathered the racist base”

        You have provided ZERO evidence or proof of this spurious charge. Please discontinue promoting the lie.

        blacksphere, “Surprise: Study shows Tea Party NOT Racist”

        Once again all you do is attack and demean others. You offer nothing of interest, no differing perspective or nuance, just a lot of ugly verbiage and negative attitude.

  10. Peggy says:

    My nomination for Mother of the Year award.

    Warning: Language. (Hope this is ok Jack and Tina.)


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