BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) A Home Grown Terrorist Group

by Jack

I’ve written about some pretty scary people during my 13 years  at Post Scripts, but this person (shown at left)  is whole new kind of cat.    

Don’t let her petite looks fool you, this is a woman obsessed and delusional.  She’s the key person behind a pro-violence group that is spreading hate like an insidious epidemic and all under the banner of being defenders of minorities.

Her name is Yvette Felarca and when you hear what she is really all about, it’s even more frightening to discover that she’s a middle school teacher!  She is free to infect the minds of our children with her twisted paranoid delusions.  

Felarca heads a national movement called BAMN, By Any Means Necessary.  This is a far  left group that is determined to silence the free speech rights of anyone they deem to be fascistic.  This includes people they feel are homophobic, xenophobic or even misogynistic.   I can’t recall all the categories she has listed as targets, but in her mind they are all her enemies that must be silenced.  Of course her BAMN definitions are rather broad.  Chances are, you would probably qualify as an enemy that must be silenced because you are reading this!

President Trump, for instance, would be a fascist akin to Hitler in their eyes (they have said so).  No doubt talk show hosts Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh would qualify as fascist in their view because they support Trump and they are sometimes seen as being politically incorrect.  Can’t have that!  And there are so many others BAMN feels that need to be silenced… by any means.  As I write, I have reliable information the FBI is investigating this group for terrorist activities, so this lady and her followers are not a joke to be dismissed as crackpots.

(Felarca is shown above with her finger in the air, a gesture a lot of Muslim terrorists seem to be fond of doing… my, my how coincidental. lol)

Her group is well organized and proliferating quickly.  They were the originators of the violence behind the neo-nazi protest in Sacramento last year.  More recently they were in Berkeley to shut  down the performance of a politically incorrect writer and comedian,  Milo Yiannopoulos.   Milo Y.,  is a British/Greek citizen, and writes for conservative Breitbart magazine.  His comedic-shock style at his lectures at various college campuses has made him controversial figure, detested by some on the far left.

Her group is dedicated to silencing just about anyone that she alone determines to be an enemy.  She makes no apology that her group has attacked and injured many people for merely being a Trump support or in Milo Y.’s case, politically incorrect in their free speech.  Her group seems to be well funded, well organized and employs military style tactics.  Brietbard claims the George Soros has given them $50,000, but I have yet to cooberate that.

What we do know is these radicals have have destroyed thousands of dollars worth of public property and hurt a lot of people who got in their way.  Shortly after the Berkeley riot liberals were accusing conservative radicals of posing as leftist protesters to give them a bad name, but that was before BAMN has stepped forward to declare their acts of violence a victory in Berkeley.

While on the Tucker Carlson show, on Fox News last night,  Felarca was asked to define exactly what she feels is a fascist?  She replied, and I paraphrasing,  “anyone who organizes a mass movement who attacks women, immigrants, black people and other minorities in a movement of genocide.”  Yes, she said [genocide] and I for one have not seen a lot of genocide in America, but apparently Felarca has and that makes me think she could be mentally ill, and quite possibly a paranoid schizophrenic.

Felarca accused Milo Y of being a fascist pushing genocide and for “creating a lynch mob mentality, organizing people who attack other people.”

Ironically the most flagrant examples of violence are only coming from her group.  BAMN has been responsible time and again for having a lynch-mob mentality as they attacked and beat down onlookers, protesters or anyone in their way, just to spread the violence.

When asked to give an example of this vast right-wing conspiracy of violence that she is claiming leads directly to genocide, she decried this man, this Trump supporter, (presumably a right-wing fascist) with a gun, shot and wounded a totally innocent protester at Washington State University in January.   She thinks this equals genocide?  Anyway, Carlson let this comment slide as he tried to pin her down on how she proposed to stop people she deemed a fascist or whatever.  (She was evasive – see video below)

Too bad that Carlson didn’t mentioned that the Washington shooter was an older man attempting to attend Milo’s event.   He was not genocidal or even a supporter of Milo Y as she claimed. He was just a man who went to the event and was surrounded by an angry group of anti-Trump crazies.  He fired his [legally] carried firearm at an attacker in self-defense.  One 34 year old male protestor went to the hospital that night in serious condition with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen.   After a careful review of the incident by the DA, the shooter was not charged.

Last year the Berkeley School District suspended Felarca for reasons never released to the public, but has since allowed her to return to teaching.

What is a a terrorist?  The dictionary says, Terrorism, use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

To deal with terrorism we have to find the source of terrorism.  Then we hold that source accountable by law.  In my opinion Felarca is a very visible source of terrorism and its time to take her off the streets and put her terrorist cell out of action.

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33 Responses to BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) A Home Grown Terrorist Group

  1. Libby says:

    I suggest that perhaps you are losing it … and your response is to go out and find yet another dubious “threat”.

    She persists.

    But to what end?

    • Post Scripts says:

      To what end? Hmmmmm… I’m not sure I can give you a satisfactory answer Libby, however, you can always inquire at the FBI. I’m sure they know to what end and they would be very pleased to help you sort it out.

  2. Tina says:

    To warm the cockles of Libby’s heart?

    She does represent your peeps at their most obnoxious. “giggle”

    The radical left is much more animated when they’re out of power. If they keep this up they may be gonzo indefinitely.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Tina this woman is indeed the poster child for the lunatic left. Everything she sees that is in any way conservative, or politically incorrect, in thought or in action, must lead to fascism, rape, genocide, homicide, gas chambers, fratrice!!! Oh, the humanity! What a maroon……and this dipstick really believes we’re out to kill, kill, kill! that we want to kill black people, kill Jews, no not Jews they are on our side, uh, kill undocumented workers, yeah thats the ticket, whatever. And so in her shriveled up pea brain, she thinks it is necessary that her mob of morons be the self annoited champions of freedom and good will, er, uh, no not good will, make that ill will, whatever…. and these fearless warriors in their black hoods, black masks and black jump suits (say they dress a lot like ISIS…hmmm?) must kill random strangers in, uh, defense of something or other that they made up ….kill, kill, kill!!!!!

      And while she and her mob are defending the nameless, faceless, non-existent downtrodden masses and using the Constitution to light a torch to burn down a liquor store, they will kill by any means necessary. WHAT A BIG FAT CROCK…WHAT A TOTAL BUNCH OF WORTHLESS A.H.s, AND THEY ARE YOUR IDIOTS LIBBY…they would agree with almost everything you say. CONGRATULATIONS. LOL

      • Libby says:

        “… defense of something or other that they made up ….kill, kill, kill!!!!!”

        You are losing it, people.

        It’s not quite the season, but I think I will go have a listen to “Alice’s Restaurant”. It is as pertinent today as it ever was.

      • Jim says:

        She apparently is from another culture. I suggest we send her back to where she came from either directly or thru prior relatives.
        I will gladly give to the assoc. that wants to transport her, preferably in an airplane that we have to be very carefully she does not fall out over a sparsley populated area. The wilder and numerous the animals in that area – the better.

    • Jim says:

      Connected to the Muslim radicals?
      What a sad, pathetic bunch.
      Always there to say they are responsible for any act insanity.
      Their object they say is to get everyone in to whatever they think of as heaven. Yet they breed like rabbits in a overpopulated earth.
      So, I have a suggestion:
      Why not leave whatever souls are waiting their chance to come to earth from wherever they may be before being born by not having sex and creating more little idiots?
      I also suggest mass suicide of the whole stupid bunch as a quicker way to get to what ever they call heaven. And go by themselves by not committing any killings of those that know they are worth more on the face of the earth than these warped minds.
      They have been at their mission for how long now and they are no closer to accomplishing their goal then they were when they were conceived. Any places that they have managed to install their insane idea of the perfect place are places that are, even before they started their mission there, as worthless as tits on a bull and represent the most ass backwards people of the world.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    I remember not too long ago that Dewey was trying to blame republicans for their violence, well, shows you what he knows. lol But, even more than that, what galls me is this crazy loon went on television and said a protester was shot at WU, when in truth the shooter was the victim! This is the crazy left for you in both cases. Can’t believe a thing they say.

    • Bryan H. says:

      What do you mean the shooter was the victim? As far as I know the shooter has claimed self-defense and was not arrested. He also immediately turned himself in. But he still shot a protester, so I don’t see how he can be a victim.

      • P. B. says:

        If this has to be explained, I seriously doubt you will understand. The shooter was attacked! He defended himself against an unwarranted assailant. The person doing the attacking, was the protagonist. As a result, the man who shot him, was in fact the VICTIM, and as I understand it, a senior citizen.

  4. J. Soden says:

    Today’s rioters/protesters are a lot more violent than those of the ’60’s. It’s past time for the gloves to come off for how they are treated.
    Standing by and watching the deliberate violence – like the Berkeley PD and the campus cops did – or the Baltimore police – is not acceptable.

  5. RHT447 says:

    As I posted below, this is the face of the enemy.

  6. Peggy says:

    She’s today’s version of Ayers, Dorn, Marcum X radicals of the 60s and 70s. Every generation has violent radicals to believe they can create change with violence. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, etc. all tried and failed at great cost to humanity.

    There have only been three individuals who have walked this world who have brought about positive change and they all did it without violence. They were MLK, Gandhi and Christ.

  7. Bryan H. says:

    I watched part of the video but had to stop about a minute in when she called David Horowitz a “Holocaust denier.” Horowitz is many things–among them someone who has blocked me on Twitter–but he isn’t a Holocaust denier. Why do activists like this feel the need to lie about how bad their enemies are? Why not point out his actual faults instead of making them up? Same with Milo–he’s a harasser of women, so why go as far as to say he’s pushing genocide when he’s doing nothing of the sort? Why not just point out his harassment of women? I will never get why leftists sabotage their own causes like this.

    • Libby says:

      Like I said, she’s a flake, a noisy one (we have our share), not a threat. Why do you bother even to consider her? Nothing that went on at the Berkeley protest is of any cosmic significance whatsoever. The children had their exercise … that’s it.

      • Tina says:

        Funny how they’re “children”… until it comes time to get their vote.

        If you really thought of them as children you would see to it that their education was better. /this chic has been schooled to think and act like this. You tolerate her but let a tea party group show up at a town hall to ask a few pointed questions and suddenly the sky is falling…they must be stopped.

        So phony!

      • Jim Tapscott says:

        she is dangerous, very dangerous! BAMN was founded by the Revolutionary Workers Party in 1995, a Marxist Detroit based group and members of that group were supporters of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)! Check the mindset of these people! They want to destroy America BAMN!

  8. Dewster says:


    You guys are unreal. You remind me of the McCarthy era.

    She wants to do away with the white nationalist movement you have a problem with that?

    We will not become Bannons white new nazi America

  9. Tina says:

    Yes I do since she sees all of the white race as part of the movement.

    Reminds me a bit of you with your Tea Party bigotry.

    Shes a racist, pure and simple. You tolerate her but not the Tea Party?

    But you go ahead and be tolerant of these angry violent racists…next thing you know your fascist dream is reality.

    • Libby says:

      Tina, hearten yourself … I was out today and learned a thing. This woman works for Berkeley Unified, and there is a verified and legitimate petition circulating to have her sacked … for being just too much of a flake, even for Berkeley.

      You must try and curb the paranoia … we’re paying attention … the situation is in hand … just chill.

  10. Jay Beswick says:

    The Big Picture behind BAMN & Yvette Felarca, her Press Release;

    BAMN: Yvette Felarca, BAMN Presidential Candidate for AFT

    The AFT Must Defend Public Education!

    Act Like a Union! Take Strike Action

    and Actions in the Streets!

    Build the New Civil Rights Movement! No New Jim Crow!

    Arne Duncan Out Now!

    Elect a Leadership that Fights to Win!

    We are in an unprecedented situation. We now have a President, who our union uncritically supports, who has carried out the most thoroughgoing and racist attack against public education in over 100 years while doing what no other President has dared to do, viciously and relentlessly attack our union and the most important gains we made since our founding. All of the policies carried out by Education Secretary Arne Duncan have only exacerbated the inequalities in educational opportunity and outcomes based on race and class. His ideological war against public school teachers and the public school system has failed at winning any popular support. The public schools are still regarded as a treasured achievement.

    So why has the attack been allowed to go forward? The answer is simple. Our union leadership believes that our union’s only hope lies in our ability to suck up to the powers that be. They assume this long period of labor quiescence that they have created, established beyond a doubt that the unions and the other movements and organizations of the oppressed are too weak to win. They confuse their loyalty and desperate subservience to the Democrats with a clever strategy that will somehow, someday restore the American middle class. Van Roekel and company believe it is an honor to be the tip of the tail of the Democratic Party. They believe this is the only prudent strategy for our union to follow and they are wrong on every count.

    BAMN believes the exact opposite. We believe that our union is strong. We believe that the rich and powerful are not the only force that can make and change history. The years of supplication have achieved nothing. Despite all the mass layoffs, blows to seniority and tenure and attacks on academic freedom we have had to weather, our union remains the strongest force in the battle to defend public education. If we stop carrying out the losing policy of relying solely on electoral politics and unquestioningly handing over tens of millions of dollars to the Democrats, we can be powerful enough to reverse the losses we have suffered. But we must act. We must be bold. And we must stop avoiding using the most powerful weapons we have in our arsenal, the ability to strike and to call mass actions in the street. A call by our union leadership for mass mobilizations would moralize hundreds of thousands of teachers, our students, the Latina/o, black and immigrant communities that are chafing under the new Jim Crow, and all of those who are tired of being “disappointed” by the failures of the Democrats and are just itching for a fight. If you elect BAMN, we pledge to turn our union back into a union and to give every teacher who can not stand what is happening to us and public education the opportunity to assert our power, restore our dignity and finally fight to win.

    BAMN pledges to tell the truth. Four years of Arne Duncan trying to create a parallel, stratified non-union system of charter schools counter-posed to public education have failed to achieve anything but the denial of public education to millions of black, Latina/o and immigrant students. Race to the Top has been an abject failure by any measure, and is transparently aimed at demoralizing teachers, and destroying union gains. We pledge to do every thing in our power to get rid of Arne Duncan. We will not let President Obama confuse our endorsement of him with a vow of silence. We will fight to get our union to put demands on the Democrats and make clear we have an independent agenda that we are fighting for which we will not subordinate to any misguided electoral strategy.

    There is a new movement fighting for public education on campuses and in communities across the nation. BAMN has led student struggles to defend higher education on campuses and across the country. We have championed and helped organize the Latina/o and immigrant communities’ fight for the DREAM Act, and path to citizenship, and equality. We teach students in predominantly black and Latina/o schools and have had the pleasure and honor of walking out and occupying with them in cities across the country. We have prevented the firing of pro-student and anti-racist teachers and even principals and led successful campaigns to save art and music programs and to stop school closings.

    The issues that are driving people out of teaching – overcrowded classes, bad pay, job insecurity, academic freedom vs. being forced to teach to the test, pensions and benefits – are all subject to bargaining. We can stop the implementation of these attacks through aggressive contract fights. We need a national leadership and leaderships in our local organizations across the country that are prepared to call and lead strikes to victory. If we do so students and the community will support us. Hundreds of thousands will embrace the chance to join us.

    Martin Luther King’s old civil rights movement always acted independently of the Democrats, repeatedly defying the pleas of President Kennedy and Johnson to stop fighting, and because it did so, the Dixiecrat wing of the Democratic Party was initially weakened, then forced to renounce its own positions, and finally driven out of the Party. We need this kind of fightback again now or the policies of the current administration and the Democratic Party at every level of government will continue unchanged. The attacks will continue despite their deep unpopularity. Public education will be subject to further attack and the New Jim Crow will deepen for black and Latino students and communities. Our union and members will be subject to an ongoing offensive by the politicians and billionaires.

    If we exert the power of the mass union and civil rights movement we avoid this absolutely unnecessary road and open a path of hope for our students; we win better contracts and conditions for our members, and strengthen the AFT and entire labor movement. The BAMN caucus is committed to building on this perspective. BAMN slate candidates are committed to being leaders who refuse to bow to the rich and powerful.

    Equal Opportunity Now/Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

    (510) 510-9072

    Yvette Felarca Agenda Above for BAMN/Below the Why!!!

    U.S. Secretary of Education[edit]
    Duncan was appointed U.S. Secretary of Education by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate on January 20, 2009.[13] One of Duncan’s initiatives as secretary has been a $4 billion Race to the Top competition. It asks states to vie for federal education dollars by submitting proposals that include reforms such as expanding charter schools and judging teachers partly on how well their students do on standardized tests.[14]

    In March 2011, Duncan said 82 percent of the nation’s public schools could be failing by the following year under the standards of the No Child Left Behind law. The projection amounted to a startling spike from previous data, which showed that 37 percent of schools were on track to miss targets set by the law. “Four out of five schools in America would not meet their goals under [No Child Left Behind] by next year”, Duncan said in his statement.

    On July 4, 2014, the National Education Association, the largest teacher’s union in the United States, passed a resolution of “no confidence” in Duncan’s leadership of the Department of Education and asked for his resignation.[15]

    • Guuseppi says:

      It is plain and simple. bamn, antifada and any other violent radical movement needs to be met with force. My way is not public policy at the moment but if it were their would be death squads for violent anti-American movements especially ones against the the Bill of rights. It is ok to speak your opinion, it is ok to ignore someone’s opinion, it is ok to debate or even argue over you opinion. Buy if you tell me I am forced, I Am Forced to believe and not talk down of your anti-American ideology. My answer is No. And then you violently impose your will on me. Then I will violently un-oppose your will on me. Make no mistake about bamn, antifada you are waking a sleeping giant. You are out manned out gunned and out smarted. You should bury your head and never return. Unless “by any means necessary” includes suicide because that where you are taking this. Let’s just say it’s like elected suicide. You can’t run you can’t you’re committing elected suicide. So Chill out. Differences and diversity is what makes our Country beautiful. And I am definitely not a racist. I don’t condone it, never had and never will.

  11. SELMA KELLY says:

    JUST RELEASED !! “BAMN” (BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY) AND THE ANTIFAS HAVE DEEP TIES TO “PEDOPHILES” — NAMBLA — THE “NORTH AMERICAN MAN / BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION.” Documents were discovered this weekend, by THE DAILY CALLER, a well-respected news agency. (They broke the Clinton Foundation Investigation story.) The Daily Caller said the Senior Partners of BAMN are the sister-organization of NAMBLA. They work together so that … “Children can have sex with anyone they want without a witch hunt.” Yeah, it says that in the documents!! BAMN is one of the attack groups who destroyed Berkeley. Their vice president, of sorts, Yvette Felarca, told Tucker Carlson … “The Riot was a stunning success.” HAHAHA. After all that pious, holier-than-thou preaching — turns out their best friends are PEDOPHILES !! Share & tell everyone !! NEXT TIME YOU SEE BAMN AND THE ANTIFAS REMIND THEM OF WHAT THEY ARE INVOLVED WITH — PEDOPHILES !!

  12. Karantha says:

    The problem with this article is that Yvette Falarca is only the very loud public face of BAMN. There are actually 2 older people above her that run this cult, and yes, it’s a cult. There is a video on YouTube of someone describing how he was beaten, all his stuff stolen, and other stuff including ongoing harrassment, just because he wanted to leave this cult, and he mentions the names of the two leaders. If I remember correctly, one of them is a professor at a Cali college. Interesting how their names have been scrubbed from the internet, like Wiki, their home page, etc.

  13. Shovington says:

    Who is this Libby person ? Guess what Libby, your not going to change the mind of people who like the things pretty much the way they are. In a democratic society, people just don’t jump all over the map changing laws and regulations just because certain individuals screaming, swearing and violently oppressing people who don’t think like them, force them too. Democracy is a slow process that weighs the pros and cons of ideas, as well as looks at the history of implementing those ideas or ones similar. In this country you will never see the implimentation of a completely different political ideology happen overnight, because history has proven this to be catastrophically negative, everytime it has been tried. In those historical instances that we take heed from, millions of people have died by violence or starvation. Therefore, to arrive at a solution, if indeed there needs to be one, Democracy takes time. Fundimental change happens perhaps once in a lifetime, and that saves lives and allows people to take stock of the incredible gifts they already have compared to just a few generations ago. So when average citizens see a movement trying to impliment change by any means necessary, while inflicting violence and stepping all over the civil rights of everyone else, we look to history to guide us. Generally, when some small group of people have successfully overthrown a governmental system, their lack of insight cripples the economy of that state. Within weeks, you have starvation, complete stoppage of goods and services, and the disappearance of capital needed to pay government staff like police, military, infastructure, transportation, and so many other services that these people take for granted. Because we are now part of a world economy, and this isn’t the 1700’s anymore, we can’t just take over and call ourselves the “KING”, it is hugely more complicated than that. The other thing that history has taught us is that while a revolution is taking place (because that is what BAMN,ANTIFA, COMMUNISTS/ SOCIALISTS are trying to effect), someone much bigger , smarter, and more terrifying is waiting in the wings. And,if the ill conceived revolution succeeds, the individuals responsible will be removed, ruthlessly, and our country will see its darkest period ever. Nobody, not even the majority of far left, pussy hat wearing, marxists, want to be living in a Stalinist era russian dictatorship. So why do you people continue to March down this path, eroding the economy by giving money to any group that tries to make you feel guilty, why do you squander all your assets on us less gadgets and trinkets you don’t need, why do you live beyond your means? If you want to help the rest of the world, help yourself first, build the country, educate your children. Stop destroying property that doesn’t belong to you, clean up your neighborhood, get the homeless off the streets by investing in them. Plan for your future, learn to be selfsufficient, get back to nature, stop polluting, get healthy. These are all things we can agree on that has nothing to do with politics. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

  14. Gabriel Blanton says:

    Not sure if anyone already pointed it out, but this line shows how ridiculous critics are:

    “This includes people they feel are homophobic, xenophobic or even misogynistic”

    How? Well, the sub-statement “even misogynistic” illustrates that the author of the article considers misogyny an acceptable thing. If you don’t understand how, you probably don’t understand much. But, that they author’s name is Jack vs Jill doesn’t surprise me much.

    In case you’re slow: there should be no downplaying of misogyny– it’s a terrible thing.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Yes Gabriel, misogyny is a terrible thing! It’s why I find a lot of rap music offensive. I refuse to buy it when it degrades women, encourages rape or any other sort of mistreatment of women.

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