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Warning: Free Speech Under Attack

by Jack At this moment I am feeling very sad for America, because I sense we’re losing our way. We’ve always valued free speech, even though we understood that it will be abused on occasion.   But, what bothers me … Continue reading

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BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) A Home Grown Terrorist Group

by Jack I’ve written about some pretty scary people during my 13 years  at Post Scripts, but this person (shown at left)  is whole new kind of cat.     Don’t let her petite looks fool you, this is a woman … Continue reading

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Protesting Violently Against Protestors

by Jack In this election year there is an ugliness spreading across America and it is getting uncomfortably close to home.   We’ve seen it happen many decades ago with the Klan in the South and to some degree in modern times … Continue reading

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In Defense of our Culture and our Country

by Jack Seems like anytime a person says we ought to protect our border with Mexico (because of drugs, crime, illegal immigration, disease control, pollution and general safety reasons) they are labeled a xenophobe (a racist). The person/s defending our … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Activist Get 1000 Lashes – Saudi Arabia

Posted by Jack “Saudi Moderate advocated for religious liberty. Instead of liberty he gets convicted of “blasphemy”. Sentence: 1000 lashes. This is a long, cruel and certain death for merely suggesting Muslims should have more religious freedom! Any government or … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie

by Jack The publications and news networks that deem it too risky to publish certain news stories, editorials or cartoons, because it might trigger a violent response by Muslims let those that do take all the risks, so says author Mark Steyn.   This is why he … Continue reading

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We Rank 46th in the World for Freedom of the Press?

How far the mighty have fallen. The U.S. dropped 13 places to end up 46th on the World Press Freedom index published annually by Reporters Without Borders (RWB). If we translated our press freedom rating to a scale of military … Continue reading

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