It’s a Great Time to Chill

by Jack

Another long hot summer approaches and once again the headlines are filled with racist stories, from coat to coast.  Doesn’t matter to the headline if it was an unbelievably trivial incident in Central Park over a dog running without a leash or something much more serious, like a black man dying after he was handcuffed.  Headlines are designed to draw you in and sell papers or air time.  The reporters will then craft the their story in a way to fit the popular narrative.  And these days racism is still ranked among the top topics to write about, a carry-over from the Obama years.

Look how one reported punch up her story about white parents who adopted two black children….no facts, just propaganda.

  • Kimberly Witt and her husband adopted their two sons from Ethiopia when the boys were eight and nine.
  • After enduring instances of racism, the Witts moved from their small Iowa town to St. Paul, Minnesota, but they were still targeted.
  • The recent racist incident in Central Park in New York City and the death of a black man in Minneapolis, reminded Witt that her children won’t be safe anywhere they move.

WAIT, did you read what I just read?  Did she really say, the recent incidents mean they won’t be safe anywhere they move?  OMG…this means to me that cops must be lying in wait for a person of color to be ambushed!  That every single white person is a closeted member of the KKK, ready to lynch a black man at the first opportunity.

The reporter goes on the write, “It happened again. This time in Central Park in New York City. Amy Cooper, a white woman, called the police after a black man who was bird-watching asked her to leash her dog, which is the rule in that part of the park. In the now-famous video, Cooper called 911 and said an African American man was “threatening” her and her pet.”  Okay, so the lady was a kook, to that there is no question.  Was she feeling threatened or feeling that her dog was being threatened, only her psychiatrist knows for sure, but not the lame reporter trying to sell tabloid news.

Look folks, in the real word cops deal with kooks like this lady a thousand times a day all over America.  Ask any cop, he’ll tell you!   They can recite a dozen or so kook calls with no problem.  They are way too common.  One of the first things that cops learn is the world is filled with kooky people who say stupid, kooky things.  They usually vote democrat too, but I digress.

The main point here is, its time for everyone to chill out and realize how we are all being played by the news media.   The air across America is not thick with racial tension!  This is hype talk.  Fact is, racism was a nuthin burger, to quote Hillary, until Obama got it fired up again.  Even though he tried to support his belief of racism in America,  almost every incident he championed turned out to be a non-starter.  But, the results were still painful.

One can point out the last dozen race incidents that were pure fiction, but they are bull dozed over by that one anomaly, that one unusual case that wasn’t!   That one among the hundreds of faked incidents can cast a pall of suspicion over everything.   Remember, “Hands up don’t shoot?”  That was determined to be a fake years ago, yet it is almost as famous today as the MLK I have a dream speech.  It’s not fair!  If we don’t start sorting out the fact from fiction better we will have air thick with racial tensions come summer.





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12 Responses to It’s a Great Time to Chill

  1. Chris says:

    The “Hands up, don’t shoot” fiction spread because the Ferguson police department really was rife with racial discrimination. I agree we need to separate fact from fiction, but false stories like these become popular because they speak to a deeper truth that is too often ignored. When one party seems to show more outrage at a black guy kneeling on a field than a white cop kneeling on a black guy’s neck, that’s what happens.

  2. Harold says:

    “The main point here is, its time for everyone to chill out and realize how we are all being played by the news media” excellent post and points.

    Articles summit-ed by today’s Liberal medias, do so with a mindset leaning toward America’s division, which is way more prevalent these days.

    The foundation for such a mindset in liberal media’s contention and concoction I believe can be traced back to universities, although that is nothing new, it has become more predominant.

    Media liberals focus on discrediting the opponent (while avoid reporting the problems of liberal candidates) and attempt only to help regain or preserve liberal power, ignoring a responsibility of anti -bias reporting.

    And of late, a growing number of those who elect them, seem to do so with a desire toward left leaning socialism, which also has become more of a norm.

    The old expression of the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ doesn’t always complete the truth about, if you graze on it immediately after those before you have defecate on it , at some point your going to taste the reality of “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

    • Chris says:

      Today Trump retweeted a video that begins with a man saying “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

      Do you think this is contributing to our culture of division, Harold? The most powerful man in the world is thanking a man for saying that I and everyone who votes in a way the president doesn’t like should die. Does this not encourage violence against nearly half the country?

      Contrary to Trump’s claims of being censored by Twitter, both his retweet and the original tweet remain up.

      • Peggy says:

        Typical democrat lie Chris. What does the guy say in his very next sentence?

        Democrats think people are dumber than they are. Big mistake. We’ve learned you all live by, “The ends justify the means,” moto.

        • Chris says:

          I don’t know, I usually stop listening to someone after they say they want me dead. What did he say after, and why do you think that makes his first statement defensible?

          • Peggy says:

            If you want to know the truth you should want to go to the source and not rely on what someone else thinks he said. Shame on you for passing a lie off as the truth.

            Like I said people are smarter than democrats give them credit for.

            Have you not read your own party’s founder’s letter to his nephew, Chris? You really should since it’s filled with good advice about learning.

            Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr (August 10, 1787)


          • Chris says:

            If you want to know the truth you should want to go to the source and not rely on what someone else thinks he said.

            Peggy, I literally linked directly to Donald Trump’s tweet which includes the video.

            I listened to Commissioner Griffin’s explanation–it doesn’t make any sense. Saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” does not and cannot mean that the Democratic party should die–one is clearly a statement about individuals and the next is a statement about a group. Just because someone makes an outrageous statement, than pretends they actually said or meant something totally different, does not mean they didn’t make the initial outrageous statement. But that’s the game Trump has been playing with you for almost four years so I’m not surprised you fell for it.

            Further complicating your defense of the commissioner is his long and documented history of violent rhetoric:


            Griffin: “I Don’t Care If You Are A Governor, You Can Still Swing At The End Of A Rope.” If there’s political leaders such as governors…y’all better start paying real close attention, because we’re moving to you. And you better make sure that you haven’t been doing anything where you would be guilty of the charge of treason, because I don’t care if you are a governor, you can still swing at the end of a rope.” 4/20/20

            Griffin Continued To Call For The Death Penalty For “Treasonous” Politicians Who Are Undermining The President. “If we have political leaders in our country today… that are guilty of treason, which is to directly undermine the United States of America…such things like the Mueller Report… all this fake stuff that was constructed to try to destroy our president and in turn bring our nation down in my opinion is treason in its truest form. Treason is punishable by death.” 4/20/20

            Griffin Said Democrats Are Guilty Of Treason, Which He Referred To As “A Hanging Offense.” “They’re gonna milk this coronavirus deal as long as they possibly can…Maybe they’re doing it because some of them might be guilty of treason, and treasons a hanging offense. I don’t know why they’re doing it, but they’re doing it, and we can’t let them win. We’ve gotta fight back; we’ve gotta push back.” 4/26/20

            Griffin On Twitter: “There Will Come A Day When Politics Won’t Be Able To Hide Treasonous Acts. Hang Em High Mr. President!” 5/10/20


            Griffin Called On NM County Sheriffs To “Hold The Line” Against Red Flag Laws And Volunteered Himself And Others For Any “Posses” That Were Necessary For Upcoming “Battles.” “Draw the hard line, hold it, God bless you. And if you need any patriots all you gotta to do is call and we’ll come running. We’ll sign up for whatever posses you want us to sign up for. We’ll stand in any battles that you want to lead us into…We will stand with you. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you through any battle that you choose to lead us into.” 5/8/20

            Griffin Told State Police Officers Governor Lujan Grisham Not To “Start A War” By Enforcing Stay At Home Orders. “I ask you state police officers – I hope you watch this video; I hope it’s shared with the governor – don’t start a war. Don’t come out and think you’re gong to shut businesses down…because if you do, I’d be willing to bet the rent that Sheriff Tony Mace and his deputies are going to make sure that doesn’t happen.” 4/26/20

            Griffin Called For Formation Of “An Army” Through NM Fish And Game Email Lists. “If a man wants to put an army together, that’s where you would put it together at, through all of our hunters. Y’all are the guys that can protect our borders and get our Country back. That’s why that email list is so critical. That’s why it doesnt need to get in the hands of some globalist.” 3/28/20

            Griffin Called For A “Sheriff’s Posse” To Push Back Against New Mexico State Police. “Don’t allow the state police to operate inside of your county unconstitutionally. And if y’all don’t have enough deputies to get the job done, call on us, because there’s a lot of us ready. Form a sheriff’s posse. We’re ready. I’d rather push back now than later.” 5/3/20


            Griffin Claimed That Violence And Looting Was Coming As A Consequence Of COVID-19. “As we see our nation sit at rest I believe that we could see a huge unrest in our nation soon. My biggest fear is rioting and looting in our big cities. If it does, that could be much more of a threat than the coronavirus.” 3/31/20

            Griffin Promoted A Possible Civil War Between Mask Wearers And Non-mask Wearers. “It might be a lead up to a civil war and if we do have a civil war over this, maybe that’s gonna be the uniforms. Maybe one of the uniforms will have masks on and the other ones won’t.” 5/3/20

            Griffin Promoted on Facebook a Potential Civil War Between the NM State Police And County Sheriffs. “This “pandemic” could lead us to a civil war! We must stand behind our County Sheriffs and guard our Constitution at any cost! The State Police and his administration are appointed. Our County Sheriffs are elected. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant visionaries! They gave us a threshold to stand on. It is time to stand!” 4/30/20

            Griffin Said On Twitter That Conflict Over Stay At Home Orders “Can End Peaceful Or Stronger Stands Can Be Taken.” Please pray for our County Sheriffs. They are needed to stand strong in their oath to the Constitution. This can end peaceful or stronger stands can be taken. But America cannot nor will not allow our Constitution to be taken from us. And our Sheriffs are still “LawOfTheLand” 4/30/20


            I stand by my original criticism, which was not in any way a “lie.” The man’s opening statement in that video would not be considered a true threat in a court of law, but it is still threatening, offensive, and not something the President of the United States should be retweeting under any circumstances! But given Trump’s own long history of violent rhetoric, which he has continued spread all week, it is totally unsurprising that he did this and unsurprising that his dwindling fanbase sees nothing wrong with it. If you don’t have a problem with Trump after all he’s done these last three years, you never will and there’s nothing he can do to change your mind. He told us that his supporters were so loyal that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and he wouldn’t lose them…and he was right.

      • Tina says:

        Chris you cherry picked the video in which the speaker clearly said he was not speaking (of death) in the physical sense but in the political sense. You do this often demonstrating you have no interest in communication, understanding and truth.
        The party that refuses to adequately condemn violence from their own ranks deserves to die politically.

        There should be no place in America for such behavior. Your party and it’s media allies need to strongly step up and stop hiding behind false narratives.

        • Chris says:

          The party that refuses to adequately condemn violence from their own ranks deserves to die politically.

          And what of police forces who fail to adequately condemn violence from their own ranks?

          I highly doubt most of the looters and rioters consider themselves “Democrats,” anyway–they’re more often either the far leftists who hate centrist Dems like Joe Biden and didn’t vote in 2016/won’t vote in 2020, or apolitical opportunists looking for a reason to steal and burn stuff.

  3. J soden says:

    Harold is absolutely right. We’ll said, sir.
    And a great example of that liberal mindset is the hot air posted by Chris.

  4. J Soden says:

    No “chillin'” here:
    Because it’s SO much more important to wear a mask and social distance than it is to burn down a city!

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