Grand Plan for Homeless Flocking to Chico – Sure It’s Expensive!

by Rob Berry, Esq.

Tomorrow night, the City Council will consider the long awaited, and nearly secret plan to spend $2.4 Million dollars on homeless services.

This proposed expenditure includes $700,000 on the BMX BMX project, including paying for the Environmental studies, almost $700,000 as a grant to True North to set up a navigation center, and $1 Million more to be allocated to Mark Orme to “take all other actions necessary” to implement their plan.

(From the editor) Here’s what we know of the plan so far:

  • Create a never ending homeless industry that involves throwing around a lot of money in overhead cost and administrative jobs…great for bureaucrats.
  • Do an environmental study, ($700,000) a total waste of tax money.
  • Place the money in the hands of local liberals aka the usual suspects, like Mark Orme.  These characters have never come up with a successful plan for the homeless, never, because this problem is bigger than little Chico can handle!  We’re fighting a national problem.  Too many drug addicted losers have migrated to the west coast overwhelming services.  They want free food, lodging and a guaranteed income so they can do dope and party.
  • Defund the Chico police indirectly, taking hundreds of thousands out of their budget for this homeless giveaway project.
  • Create redundant “homeless” services that are certain to act as a magnet for more yet homeless from out of our area.
  • Do the same old things in Chico that liberals have done all over the West Coast.  These giveaway programs brought the homeless here in the first place!    (end)

Despite many offers to include me in the planning process, like you, I will only hear the details of this plan when you do. I did not participate or review any aspect of this plan before it was published.

All that is needed to set us on this course is a simple majority vote by the council to allocate these funds.

One comment that was heard is that they can take some of the money from the Chico Police Department, because they are going to do such a good job of solving the homeless problem once and for all, that the police are going to have less to do, so they need less money to do it!

Do you see how this works? Defund the police is not direct, but indirect. This plan is not the product of broad collaboration between all stakeholders, including actual citizens who are being asked to put up the funds and to suffer whatever impacts arise, it is the brainchild of the very homeless industry that has been spending public funds for years, and as you all know, things have only gotten worse. What makes us think that another plan by the homeless industry geniuses are going to produce these fantastic results?

Read the comments on Engaged on this item. As of this writing, all comments but mine are in support of this initiative. And yes, they come from all the usual suspects.

Lucy used to hold the football for Charlie Brown and he fell for the trick every time. That’s what came to my mind.  Here something else that came to mind, a quote supposedly from Mark Twain:   ”It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled”

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2 Responses to Grand Plan for Homeless Flocking to Chico – Sure It’s Expensive!

  1. J. Soden says:

    Chico City Council is a microcosm of Sacramento, and you know where THAT’s going after decades of Demwit control.
    You elected these clowns and now you have to live with their lousy decisions.

  2. RHT447 says:

    More crap.

    With just a bit of effort, you can find video of Jerry (The Poopin’ Penguin) ripping one off while he is next to a hot mic. So naturally some creative soul wrote new lyrics to Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”.

    You got to know when to hold em,
    Know when to fold em,
    Know when to walk away,
    When you got the runs.

    You never count your votes,
    When you’re sh**in’ at table,

    Well, you get the idea.

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