CA Plan to Prevent Counties from Opening

by Jack

by Order of the Reich Governor Newsolini – you are hereby ordered to read and obey:

(From an LA Times story) Heir Governor has issued a proclamation that is guaranteed to delay the reopening of counites locked down by oppressive, unwarranted, COVIDs rules.

Governor Newsom is now ordering CA’s largest counties to provide a plan to equitized COVID-19 rates among poor Hispanic, Black and Pacific Islander neighborhoods.  That means counties must have achieve the same rates infection among poor neighborhoods as in the more affluent (white supremist) neighborhoods.  Seems the evil white areas have less COVID-19 because they have been following CDC guidance, they were washing hands as needed, wearing masks outside, social distancing, etc.

In short, when big counties can balance this statistical disparity, then they “might” be able to start reopening.

So how does this equitizing happen?  Do county workers go door to door in the barrio and show them how to wash their hands or  how to wear an N95 mask when going outside?  These neighborhoods receive the same news, the same warnings, as all the other neighborhoods.  If they choose not to follow the guidelines, the government can’t force them too!  This is crazy, this is oppression!

Obviously, nobody in county government can force people to take personal steps to lower their risk rate from COVIDs, yet here we go with this impossible order from the governor. What is he thinking?  He’s acting like a dictator, not an elected official.

Gov. Newsom has gone too far, the democrats ruining and ruling this state have gone too far.   So, I ask you, what happens when government goes too far?  Do the people lay down and just take it?  Do they march on the capitol, what?  What will be the response from the people?

When people fear the government we call that oppression.  We the government fears the people we call that freedom.  Stand up for freedom.

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2 Responses to CA Plan to Prevent Counties from Opening

  1. RHT447 says:

    Well, here’s an idea. Have President Trump debate Newscum. Or would that be too narcissistic? Seriously, we need leaders who know how to FIGHT.

  2. J. Soden says:

    In states where folks have taken goofernment to court for their lockdown antics, the courts are telling governors to sit down and shut up.
    Perhaps it’s time someone does that to Newscumolini.

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