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Maxine Waters to be in Charge of Spending?

by Jack   (Maxine Waters shown left) Here’s a woman of bad character. She’s a far left agitator with little regard for and even less understanding of…. the U.S. Constitution.  She represents everything a decent voter should oppose. She’s a … Continue reading

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4 Tourists Executed By Mexican Marines

by Jack News today reported on an investigation that began in 2016.  Three brothers and one friend, all American citizens, were all executed shortly after they were taken into custody by Mexican Marines involved in fighting the drugs cartels.  Few … Continue reading

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Trumps Comments on Haita and Somalia

by Jack In a closed door bi-partisan meeting President Trump was accused by a couple of  democrats of using derogatory language, allegedly racist in implication.   This was  regarding his view of some 3rd world places.  I won’t repeat the … Continue reading

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