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Trump Investigation – Nothing So Far

From the Federalist…. “The anonymous whistleblower complaint has been declassified by the House Intelligence Committee and was released to the public Thursday morning after select members of Congress reviewed the report Wednesday night. The complaint chronicles accusations of President Donald … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters to be in Charge of Spending?

by Jack   (Maxine Waters shown left) Here’s a woman of bad character. She’s a far left agitator with little regard for and even less understanding of…. the U.S. Constitution.  She represents everything a decent voter should oppose. She’s a … Continue reading

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Former FBI Director to Testify Thursday!

by Jack Former FBI director James Comey (shown left) is awaiting his turn to speak before the Senate sub-committee tomorrow.  What will he say about the Russian connection, election hacking, about being pressured by the President and so many other … Continue reading

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Shrinking US Economy – Our New Reality

by Jack Lee Everybody is making cuts to make ends meet and this is very telling of a weak and stagnant economy. One of the main reasons we’re still coming out of the Great Recession is simple…the jobs aren’t here! … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Idealism – State of Jefferson

by Jack Lee Recently several of our liberal commenters have publically opposed the State of Jefferson, saying it’s a waste of time because it’s never going to happen.   I would remind them that standing up for the same idealism on … Continue reading

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60 Minutes Expose’ – Both Political Party’s are Guilty of Corruption

Posted by Jack Lee with comments Here’s a story that’s enough to make you never want to vote again, but you really need to read it, even if it makes you angry. Members of Congress routinely use a form of … Continue reading

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More on the Government Shutdown

by Jack (written entirely independently of Tina’s article) Well, the worst has happened. The much feared government shutdown has arrived. Brace yourselves for some museum closures and other stuff hardly anyone will notice. Who will win and who will lose … Continue reading

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President Ignore’s This Murder

by Jack (Accused killer Chauncy Luna on left)  When you are bored and there’s nothing to do, what’s the first thing you think of, play on the computer, go for a walk? For a couple of black teens in Duncan, … Continue reading

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Good News from Congress

by Jack In a previous article we discussed how Congress is exempt from insider trading laws and this allows them to do very, very, well playing the market. After more investigation it turns out a democrat actually drafted legislation to … Continue reading

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