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Liberals Kill Nancy Green’s Legacy

by Jack Nancy Green’s story is one that could only have been written in America.  A true rags to riches story and an inspiration to anyone facing great adversity.   Her story is about to be lost because of the … Continue reading

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American Tolerance is the Best in the World

by Jack The title says it all. America is the great melting pot and we ought to be proud of that…period. We’re a society of immigrants and this broad diversity united behind a commonly shared beliefs in inalienable civil liberties … Continue reading

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With Allies like Hamid Karzai Who Needs Enemies?

by Jack Did you hear the latest about Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai? This screwball wants to pardon a bunch of Afghan’s who were locked up for attacking US soldiers. Today’s headlines read, US Tries to Block Release of Dangerous Prisoners. … Continue reading

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