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Teachers Will Soon Be Allowed to Carry

posted by Jack Last year, the legislature created a “guardian” program that allows districts to arm school staff, with the exception of teachers who “exclusively perform classroom duties,” according to the Miami Herald. The new bill would remove that exception. … Continue reading

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Gun Violence in Chicago Vs Other Places

by Jack Starting in January until today…. Shot & Killed: 345, shot & Wounded: 1626, total Shot: 1971 and total gun homicides: 372! The majority of this is due to gang related violence, i.e., black on black crime. Only a … Continue reading

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Will the State of California Make the Sale of Colt .45’s Impossible?

by Jack According to industry sources, firearms dealers in California are being told by Colt that many of their pistols are going to fall off the roster of “approved” handguns for sale in the state within the next 60 days … Continue reading

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Posted by Jack The following are for the years 2003, 2004 and 2005, however the sampling of years reflects a consistent number over a give period of time.  The study said, “States reported more than 2,000 arrest-related deaths from 2003 through 2005 … Continue reading

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