Chance Encounter on Flight Opens Door

Etc Guy bronco cheerleadersHey folks, though I’ve fallen behind on posting that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Or bothering my wife and kids. Or strangers.  On a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Denver the kids sat somewhere behind me and I was stuck between two Denver Broncos cheerleaders (only in my dreams).

Actually I sat next to a pretty cool fellow. We chuckled over this Volkswagen Camper tent advertised in the SkyMall Magazine which was placed in the seat pocket in front of me. I want one of these. It only costs $500. And my wife would love it.

etc guy Skymall Magazine VW busIt turns out that my seatmate is the editor of the Central Valley Business Times (Stockton, CA). We discussed writing projects. He liked the Etc. Guy blog and welcomed me to contribute. The magazine’s circulation is over 1.7 million and reaches readers throughout California’s Central Valley. He wants stories about Northern California’s perspectives on the drought.

So, I may occasionally deviate from wise-guy humor writing to cover some serious issues. Then again, I may also write nonsensical stories about serious issues. We’ll see how the brain-waves fire.  Here’s a link to my Op-Ed article published in the Central Valley Business Times last week. The piece is entitled “Buckets Aren’t Just for Bucket Lists.”

You never know who you’ll sit next to on a plane.

I’m also updating my Etc. Guy blog site to accommodate audio…coming soon. Feel free to share and thanks for reading. Join the Etc. Guy Facebook page too by LIKING it.  And yes, copies of my book “Let Me Tell You a Story” are still available at Lyon Books in downtown Chico.


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  1. Willie says:

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  2. Venus Schiffman says:

    Your way of story telling is good, it’s effortless, thanks a lot.

  3. Karin Noblet says:

    I enjoy reading your posts over a cup of coffee.

  4. Shanice Haszler says:

    Very energetic post, loved it. Will there be an update?

    • Eric Miller says:

      Hi there Shanice, thanks…yes, since this post I’ve been published in the Central Valley Business Times (twice), the Chico News and Review, and Hockey Player Magazine. Giving it my best shot. Thanks for commenting. Eric

  5. UED says:

    Thanks for the write-up! Excellent!

  6. Frances Conathan says:

    This story is great, keep it up.

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