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Parents Trek Through Uncharted Facebook Space

I was advised to meet older women. I asked why.  My wife, Hun, has an open mind but I suspect she wouldn’t appreciate me connecting with older women, younger women, or any women, for that matter. “Women ages 55 and … Continue reading

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Family conversation about ketchup is not about ketchup

It’s amazing what I don’t hear when I listen.  I hadn’t thought much about our lunch topic and lamented more about the inevitable issues of dating or puberty.  I rehearsed those conversations alone in the garage.  One day they’ll call … Continue reading

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Guy looks back at 1963

I reached a milestone today.  I became cordless 50 years ago when dad snipped my umbilical cord. I am a product of the 60’s, a planned child but unscheduled.   If you can’t remember where you were, or weren’t, here’s a … Continue reading

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