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A case of two ideologies and the partisan hypocrisy that drives voters mad.

by Jack A case of two ideologies and the hypocrisy that drives voters mad… Unless you’ve been comatose for the last 10 months, you’ve probably heard about Retired General Michael Flynn ‘s run in with the FBI.   But, to … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t a Nothing Burger – Comey Testifies

by Jack Okay, it was not quite a nothing burger, but it was close.   If you believed Trump was guilty of something going in then you probably found enough in Comey’s testimony to support your position.  If you believed he … Continue reading

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Former FBI Director to Testify Thursday!

by Jack Former FBI director James Comey (shown left) is awaiting his turn to speak before the Senate sub-committee tomorrow.  What will he say about the Russian connection, election hacking, about being pressured by the President and so many other … Continue reading

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