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Socialism and the Woke Generation

by Jack How many times have you heard some young know-it-all decry, capitalism sucks, socialism is more fair, more humane!  Socialism is about sharing and caring, right?  One young lady explained her view of socialism thusly, “What if instead of … Continue reading

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A Case for Freedom

by Jack A case for freedom…. The truth that the left does not want to hear is what the right holds to be self evident. That is: Freedom equals opportunity. Opportunity leads to innovation.  Innovation leads to progress.  Progress leads … Continue reading

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Warning: Free Speech Under Attack

by Jack At this moment I am feeling very sad for America, because I sense we’re losing our way. We’ve always valued free speech, even though we understood that it will be abused on occasion.   But, what bothers me … Continue reading

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Founders Not in Love With Democracy

by Jack Lee Contrary to what most people assume is true the founded were not in love with democracy.  For them, democracy was just a means to an end, a tool to be used wisely. What they were in love … Continue reading

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It’s the Statue of Liberty – Not the Statue of Equality

by Jack Lee Being involved with the State of Jefferson movement has been both a privilege and an eye opener. This is democracy at its best. But first, let me make it clear who the supporters for Statehood are. They … Continue reading

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