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Socialism and the Woke Generation

by Jack How many times have you heard some young know-it-all decry, capitalism sucks, socialism is more fair, more humane!  Socialism is about sharing and caring, right?  One young lady explained her view of socialism thusly, “What if instead of … Continue reading

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Socialism Causes Workers to Riot in France

by Jack The growth of socialism has come to the end of the road in France. The socialists have taxed the middle class right into poverty and the people have had enough. The average working person must ask themselves, what … Continue reading

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Is California Simply the Worst?

by Adam Caslin Three months ago the country watched as the poorly maintained Oroville dam threatened to collapse, forcing the evacuation of many terrified California citizens. After a period of drought, the rains came causing a surge of water that … Continue reading

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Black Americans Damaged by Democrat Policies

by Peggy Two very powerful videos from black individuals telling how harmful the Democrat party has been to them. Powerful video: Black folks in an abusive leadership relationship “Listen to Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold … Continue reading

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