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Republicans Fail to Reform ObamaCare

by Jack In a strongly divided vote, Republican Senators failed to suspend ObamaCare and introduce a replacement plan, just as the Democrats predicted. It was an embarrassing and terribly disappointing moment yesterday for registered Republicans across America. The Senators went … Continue reading

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Where’s the Accountability? Dead, just like many of the voters in Chicago

by Jack There are relatively few clear instances where we can point the finger of blame at the president of the United States and have a massive “I told you so moment.”  Obamacare is one such instance.  In 2017 premiums are going up about … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Has Fallen Under Obama

by Jack There is no question that some patients have seen an improvement in healthcare affordability, but the vast majority of us have seen our monthly costs spike to record levels. One of the frequent complaints is, in order to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Foreign Policy – Strategic Patience?

by Jack For the last 6 years political pundits have been exasperated trying to define exactly what is President Obama’s foreign policy?  Some of his critics say his foreign policy is based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on … Continue reading

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Black Monday – Stocks Dive on Weak Mfg. Data

by Jack Lee UPDATE: Monday 3 Feb 2014 1 pm PST – DOW DROPS A STAGGERING 325 Points at close! It’s an old saying in real estate and the stock market, “So goes January – so goes the year”. Well … Continue reading

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Women in Combat – A Failed Experiment

by Jack Lee In 1945 the Army and Marine’s physical fitness test included pullups, squat jumps, pushups, 2-min situps, 300 yard run, shuttle run and 60 sec-squat thrusts. In order to score excellent a recruit had to do 20 pull … Continue reading

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