Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico

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A few years ago I interviewed Will Durst, an award winning funny guy, as part of my Humor Project (see “Baby Boomer Will Durst is a Comedy Innovator“).  The dude cracked me up for over an hour.  I could barely gulp my coffee.  A performer, political comic and humor writer, Durst fires shots across political aisles. 

Durst sent me an email promoting “Durst Case Scenario” and included this 4 minute clip. He’s taking his show on the road with the caveat that “It changes every day, every hour.  Watching TV, I switch between MSNBC and Giants games.  Then stuff happens.  Not only between innings but rather…between batters.  How do you parody a parody?”

Normally a bipartisan political basher Durst forewarned that Durst Case Scenario is not very bipartisan.  “It mocks, scoffs and taunts,” said Durst.  “I’m playing by the POTUS’ rules now,” he added.  “But with taste.”

Durst brings “Durst Case Scenario” to the Chico Women’s Club on Friday night August 11th.  “It’s a fund raiser for KZFR radio,” added Durst.  “And I’ll have friends with me.”

Doors open at 7, the show begins at 8, and laughs begin at 8:01.

For ticket information visit KZFR Radio.


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