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The Attack on Saudi Arabia

by Jack The public has most of the evidence available in this recent attack on ARAMCO inside Saudi Arabia.  And that evidence points to just one culprit, Iran.   They had the ability, the opportunity and the motive.  They also … Continue reading

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Kamala the Liar

by Jack When Sen. Kamala Harris first ran for CA office I had very, very, low expectations.  I was not disappointed.  She’s quite possibly the worst candidate for president in American history.  Here’s an example why I say that: Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Fake News from NPR

by Jack Lee Question,  should news networks like CNN, FOX, NPR and others be severely punished for deliberately feeding us false and misleading information? As you know they all have guest experts from time to time.  These experts offer up … Continue reading

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Why Nobody Believes the Leftwing Media

Thanks go to Peggy for this find…. “Great article. The media is facilitating its own demise. I’ll highlight some of the content below, but worth reading it all. Why the Media’s Trump Lie Machine is Failing: “No one believes the … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Has Fallen Under Obama

by Jack There is no question that some patients have seen an improvement in healthcare affordability, but the vast majority of us have seen our monthly costs spike to record levels. One of the frequent complaints is, in order to … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Stretching the Truth – Exposed!

Examples, 1. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he cut the state budget by 26 percent, but that drop is due to a decline in federal funds. 2. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he was “leading Hillary Clinton in five states … Continue reading

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(In)Famous Obama Quotes

by Jack Lee Vladimir Lenin once quipped, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”   These are actual recorded statements made by Barrack Hussein Obama, as a candidate or as president.  You be the judge of what kind of … Continue reading

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Hamas Attempts to Influences America With Anti-Semitic Ads and Demonstrations

by Jack Seattle: Hamas Hatefest Depicts Jews Eating Christian Babies and Drinking Their Blood A war is being fought for the hearts of minds of Americans by a terrorist organization…Hamas. Despite 9/11 and all the evidence since, a disturbingly large … Continue reading

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