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Mark Rich Pardon Revisited (and other interesting things….)

by Jack One of the last official actions of President Clinton before he left office in 2001 was the pardon of Mark Rich.  The FBI looked into the pardon, but could find nothing that would conclusively link Clinton to breaking … Continue reading

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What Have We Learned From The 2016 Presidential Election?

by Jack As this presidential election comes to a close, what have we learned? Speaking only for myself now, but I’ve learned that the American voter is  disgusted and frustrated with Washington. It would be safe to say, the great middle … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth May Never be Known

by Jack National Public Radio has been claiming that the story about Obama’s birth place was never started by the Clinton campaign and that Trump’s allegation to the contrary is utterly false. But, was it? Is anything in politics ever … Continue reading

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Rebuttal to “Isn’t Justice Supposed to Be Blind?”

From time to time, we offer guest editorials, especially when they are well written and on current events.  Both Leo and Cole have done a fantastic job of gathering their thoughts and putting pen to paper.  Here is Cole’s rebuttal … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Stretching the Truth – Exposed!

Examples, 1. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he cut the state budget by 26 percent, but that drop is due to a decline in federal funds. 2. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he was “leading Hillary Clinton in five states … Continue reading

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Hillary May Decide Not to Run – Too Much Heat

Posted by Jack The lack of transparency with her emails, her violation of State Dept. rules, and now her money connection with foreign governments, especially China has raised many questions about her ethics and judgement. Maybe too many, insiders are … Continue reading

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