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$62,000,000 Wasted on Hotel Rooms for Transients

posted by Jack Editors note:  Sleep well tonight knowing your tax dollars are going to be paying for an extended stay in a classy hotel room for a transient.  The average cost is in excess of $250 per night when … Continue reading

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Californian’s Upset Over Gasoline Tax and DMV Fee Hikes

by Jack According to a new Berkeley poll only 35% support gasoline tax hike due to go into effect November 1st. This will be in addition to DMV registration fees, sales tax and registration fees that will increase in 2019.  … Continue reading

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CA May Have Budget Surplus in 2014 – Lawmakers Get a Raise

by Jack Lee It took a recession of near Biblical proportions  to force lawmakers in Sacramento to stop their lavish spending habits, cut back on wasteful programs and draft a budget that does not exceed the State’s income.  Today it’s … Continue reading

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Four Examples of Your Tax Dollars at Work

by Jack 1. Stamps deemed unsafe for children: A run of stamps created specifically to commemorate Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” youth anti-obesity program has been recalled by the cash strapped US Post Office. The existence of the postage stamps in … Continue reading

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Here Come the Layoffs

by Jack Investors Business Daily did a nice job showing companies laying off workers and cutting full time jobs to part time in advance of the mandatory health insurance law aka ObamaCare aka The Affordable Healthcare Act aka The Un-Affordable … Continue reading

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With so much going on this week it’s hard to pick one subject. While I’m sure Obamacare will be a hot topic I’d like to look in to another one. Your water. That’s right. Water. Cal Water this week indicated … Continue reading

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