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Democrats to Run a Great Moderate!

by Jack The democrats think they have found the right approach to un-seating Trump in the next election.  Their strategy, drum roll please… run a common sense, moderate!  Someone untainted by hijinks in his/her college years. Someone free of sexual … Continue reading

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Obama, “I could have won”

by Jack Since Hillary’s stunning defeat in the backdrop of so many other democrat losses, from governor races to Congress, Obama has been saying, I could have won a 3rd term!   Really Mr. President?  How ungracious of you and … Continue reading

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Mark Rich Pardon Revisited (and other interesting things….)

by Jack One of the last official actions of President Clinton before he left office in 2001 was the pardon of Mark Rich.  The FBI looked into the pardon, but could find nothing that would conclusively link Clinton to breaking … Continue reading

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