Kicking Off 2018 With a Few Quotes

Writer’s block sucks.  I hopped on a government web-site to research a project and stimulate my brain… only to discover that our government is closed.  The web-site is kaput.  Glad it’s not April 14th.

So instead I’ll welcome you to 2018 with a few quotes from two insightful humor writers, guys I’d really like to interview someday as part of my Humor Project. Continue reading “Kicking Off 2018 With a Few Quotes” »

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My Top Three Reads for 2017

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” Mark Twain

A good read before bed time is my normal routine.  Here are my three favorite books from 2017.  If you love a good yarn, here you go…   Continue reading “My Top Three Reads for 2017” »

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Thanksgiving Nut Cracking

I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.”  Erma Bombeck

A short break from togetherness may be a good thing.  My wife assigned me a Thanksgiving Day project.

“I need a cup of walnuts.”

“Where’s the nut cracker?”

“Use a hammer. Just don’t hurt yourself.  Put on your helmet and goggles.” Continue reading “Thanksgiving Nut Cracking” »

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Trivia Bee Raises Awareness for Literacy Services

Life is like a ten speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.”

Charles M. Schulz

My commute to Valley Hi Elementary School was less than a mile.  For a first grader it was an effortless downhill glide.  I’d hop on my orange Stingray, lash on my lunch box, steer, brake, and dodge mailboxes and parked cars.  My folks never worried.  They knew I’d caravan with Bobby and John who lived on the bottom of Peach Valley Drive, a stone’s throw from Lackland AFB in hilly San Antonio.  We were a trio of Air Force kids; our dad’s serving intermittent tours to Vietnam.  We never wore helmets or carried cell phones.  Bobby, John and I roamed as free range boys jumping ditches, riding trails and racing each other.  The pedal home though was a killer.  Bobby and John rode three-speeds.  They’d switch gears while I cranked my single-speed tank.  My uphill commute home took nearly twenty minutes and I seldom kept up.  We’d separate at John’s house where they’d both peel off and wave as I hiked alongside the Stingray.

I wish I had another gear.  I yearned to keep up but couldn’t.  Continue reading “Trivia Bee Raises Awareness for Literacy Services” »

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Old Hockey Player Forgets About Scoring Stats

(Hockey Player Magazine, October 2017)

A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”  Wayne Gretzky

Some scoring statistics are best forgotten.

You’re not a hockey player until you’ve scored on yourself a saying goes, quoted by an anonymous player too embarrassed to admit doing it.  In hockey we score on opponents—not on one’s own team.  Gretzky prophesied that great hockey players don’t play where the puck is but where it will be.  That being said, I’m a great player behind my own goalie’s rear end. Continue reading “Old Hockey Player Forgets About Scoring Stats” »

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Words of Wisdom – Mark Twain

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” –Mark Twain

Readers, given the shenanigans in Washington these days I don’t know what to say….  Take a break from the political nonsense and join the Etc.Guy Facebook page.  New stories coming soon.

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Eclipses, Baseball and the Dog Days of Summer

There sure is a lot of hype for a little bit of extra shade.

I received an email at work last week about Monday’s eclipse, alerting me to conserve energy.  The message was relayed from the California Independent Systems Operator, an organization that oversees the operations of our state’s bulk electric power system. Business Insider Magazine reports that the solar eclipse is expected to wipe out six gigawatts of solar electricity, 80% of California’s power.  Six gigawatts can power several million homes. Solar facilities, ranging from utility power plants to individual home solar panels, provide electricity for 4.8 million homes. Continue reading “Eclipses, Baseball and the Dog Days of Summer” »

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Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico

We stay in touch because we want to.

A few years ago I interviewed Will Durst, an award winning funny guy, as part of my Humor Project (see “Baby Boomer Will Durst is a Comedy Innovator“).  The dude cracked me up for over an hour.  I could barely gulp my coffee.  A performer, political comic and humor writer, Durst fires shots across political aisles.  Continue reading “Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico” »

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Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant

My parents bought into the virtual assistant world.  Their assistant, Alexa, connects to music, games, or anything cerebral.  Alexa answers nearly any question, whether it’s the weather in Missouri or the capitol of Romania.

I challenged Alexa to see how smart she is.

“Alexa, what is the Etc.Guy blog?” Continue reading “Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant” »

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Kid’s Quitting is Father’s Dilemma

She lasted 90 hours over three seasons.  Maggie was not an outlier.  Not in soccer.

In Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell explains the “10,000 Hour Rule” which claims that the key to success is a matter of practicing a specific task for around 10,000 hours.  Consider Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky or Mozart…former prodigies that hit 10,000 hours by their late teens.  Maggie will never become an outlier soccer player.  She quit 9,910 hours short. Continue reading “Kid’s Quitting is Father’s Dilemma” »

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