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Trumps Middle East Tour

by Jack By all measures, Trumps Middle East tour went better than expected. Trump achieved a major concession from the Saudi’s when they agreed to arrest their people for sponsoring terrorism outside their borders. Prior to this time any Saudi … Continue reading

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by Jack For well over a month, perhaps two months, the democrat “tacticians for dirty tricks” have devised a plan to take over important political meetings by packing the house and then disrupting the (GOP) (insert name) speaker.  These are … Continue reading

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America’s Longest War – Talilban on the Rise Again

by Jack The following critical information is not being reported in the mainstream news because the media is too obsessed with dissecting Trump’s first 100 days. According to the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD), the army casualties have multiplied every … Continue reading

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Attacker Beaten by Angry Pro-Trump Crowd

by Jack Huntington Beach, CA:  It was supposed to be just a good ol’ patriotic rally to celebrate a newly elected president.   It’s how we once behaved many decades ago when most of us liked America and our leaders and … Continue reading

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The Big Mac Bust

by Jack About a year ago Bloomberg news wrote, “MCDONALD’S restaurants stand among American capitalism’s greatest success stories. Starting out with just one burger stall in 1948, the fast-food chain’s emphasis on quick service and a standardized menu has helped … Continue reading

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Donald Trump on Taxes

by Jack In short, Trump would like to. . . o Reduce taxes across-the-board, especially for working and middle-income Americans who will receive a massive tax reduction. o Ensure the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will … Continue reading

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