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Afghanistan – 17 years later and a Quick Look Back at Vietnam

by Jack Before we look at Afghanistan we need a quick review of another war, Vietnam.  Ho Chi Minh had approached Harry Truman in 1946 asking if the U.S. would help the Vietnamese evict the French, much as the Americans … Continue reading

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A Fix for Many Global Concerns!

Posted by Jack Meta-analysis finds that among men from North America, Europe and Australia, sperm concentration has declined more than 50% in less than 40 years. Here’s a story that promises to solve man-caused climate change, high real estate prices, … Continue reading

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Are You With Me? ( uh, no…no I’m not )

by Jack If you are a registered republican you probably just received an email from Assemblyman James Gallagher. He opens by pushing all the right buttons. . . “North State residents cannot afford their new $5.2 billion gas and car … Continue reading

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Testing the Mental Fitness of future President’s

by Jack Should the candidate for President of the United States be given a thorough mental health evaluation? We ask that of many other people in the public trust who have far less ability to do harm. We ask mental … Continue reading

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Republicans Fail to Reform ObamaCare

by Jack In a strongly divided vote, Republican Senators failed to suspend ObamaCare and introduce a replacement plan, just as the Democrats predicted. It was an embarrassing and terribly disappointing moment yesterday for registered Republicans across America. The Senators went … Continue reading

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Gun Violence in Chicago Vs Other Places

by Jack Starting in January until today…. Shot & Killed: 345, shot & Wounded: 1626, total Shot: 1971 and total gun homicides: 372! The majority of this is due to gang related violence, i.e., black on black crime. Only a … Continue reading

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Californian’s Upset Over Gasoline Tax and DMV Fee Hikes

by Jack According to a new Berkeley poll only 35% support gasoline tax hike due to go into effect November 1st. This will be in addition to DMV registration fees, sales tax and registration fees that will increase in 2019.  … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t a Nothing Burger – Comey Testifies

by Jack Okay, it was not quite a nothing burger, but it was close.   If you believed Trump was guilty of something going in then you probably found enough in Comey’s testimony to support your position.  If you believed he … Continue reading

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Former FBI Director to Testify Thursday!

by Jack Former FBI director James Comey (shown left) is awaiting his turn to speak before the Senate sub-committee tomorrow.  What will he say about the Russian connection, election hacking, about being pressured by the President and so many other … Continue reading

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POSTED BY Jack Veterans groups say a growing military-civilian disconnect contributes to a feeling that Memorial Day has been overshadowed. More than 12 percent of the U.S. population served in the armed forces during World War II. That’s down to … Continue reading

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