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Chico Airport and the Air Museum

by Jack Friday, 11 Aug Chico, CA  It’s been a busy day so far, C-130’s, P-2’s and other exotic fire fighting aircraft have been coming and going.  These are some beautiful, historic aircraft (former military) that have been converted over … Continue reading

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Part 2. Lunch at Plaza Park – Where the Homeless Gather

by Jack As hoped, my next contact in the park was with Teri Dubose, the organizer for “Lunch in the Park.” Quite some time ago, Teri began to feel a little uneasy taking her lunch breaks in Plaza Park.  This … Continue reading

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Chico Transients – Citizens Take a Bold Step

by Jack CITIZENS PROTESTING AT CHICO’S PLAZA PARK every WED AND FRI AT 1 PM Is this the beginning of something very important to Chico? Frustrated y citizens plan to gather at Plaza Park and let their feelings be known, … Continue reading

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Chico’s Homeless Population Grows

by Jack Right after WW2 the “greatest generation” was in their prime.  The nation was prosperous and strong .    The able bodied and sound of mind were expect to work, and it was just as natural to expect those who … Continue reading

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Homeless – The Top 10 Solutions

by Jack Ten principles for managing a homeless crisis (if you are in a hurry, just go to 6 thru 10 for the bottom line) Principle 1: Crisis resolution Every situation that could result in homelessness is a crisis for … Continue reading

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The Early Signs of Decline

by Jack Chico, like many other cities, is suffering from a very costly invasion.  What began as a mere trickle has grown into a full on flood of… “homeless.”  Latest estimates for the homeless population are in excess of 1,100. … Continue reading

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Thaddeus Kerns Boy Aviator

by Jack Lee Most people in Chico have never heard the name Thaddeus Kerns, but there was a time when he was rock-star famous.   Thadeus was known as “Chico’s boy aviator.”  Back in his day, he was the youngest pilot … Continue reading

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Anthony Watts from “Watts Up with That?” Receives Prestigious Award for His Work on Climate Change

Thanks to Pie for bringing this remarkable story to our attention… Anthony Watts, a friend and fellow blogger on NorCal blogs, has recently received a well deserved science award at the International Climate Change Convention in Canada.  Click here to watch … Continue reading

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War Birds About to Be Destroyed

by Jack As some of you may know, I am a volunteer at the Chico Aviation Museum, so naturally I like aircraft and I enjoy giving tours, especially to kids who want to learn about aviation.   Because of my life long … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Rally Planned in Chico – 24 January.

By Jack When it comes to human rights everyone who has been protected by them has a solemn duty to speak up for those who are not.    There was a time in America when some radicals believed the Bible said slavery was acceptable.   If you believed … Continue reading

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