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The President is Delusional

by Jack Lee If you did not see the 60 Minutes interview done by Steve Kroft with Barack Obama, you missed an opportunity to meet the real Obama. This president (that many claim is the worst president in history) thinks he … Continue reading

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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about War in the Middle East – Summary: It’s a Mess

by Jack YEMEN: Egypt and Saudi Arabia are not about to see Yemen fall into the hands of Shia rebel (Houthi). It’s unacceptable said Saudi Arabia yesterday that they were ready to send 100,000 soldiers against the Houthi which are … Continue reading

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Obama’s Odd References to ISIL

by Jack Sometimes there are profound meanings cloaked in subtlety, especially when it comes to the words spoken by a Chief of State like Obama. He carefully crafts his speeches so that every word is deliberate. Recently I noticed Obama … Continue reading

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Iraq Briefing – What Would You Do?

by Jack Iraq is and has always been a country divided by the Islamic faith. The people in the Middle East have lived with wars, assassinations, revolution, domination, and bloody purges for over 700 years. They have a different take … Continue reading

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Iraq Coming Apart

by Jack Lee Fallujah is in the hands of Al qaeda, according to President Nouri al Maliki and he’s calling on the locals to mount an uprising and drive them out.  The problem is, it’s the locals who are uprising … Continue reading

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