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Testing the Mental Fitness of future President’s

by Jack Should the candidate for President of the United States be given a thorough mental health evaluation? We ask that of many other people in the public trust who have far less ability to do harm. We ask mental … Continue reading

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Trump Visits Mexico

Posted by Jack “We don’t like him; we don’t want him; we reject his visit,” a former president of Mexico said of Trump’s trip.  Former President Vicente Fox previously apologized to Trump after affirming Mexico was not going to pay … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton, the Next President of the United States of America

by Jack It’s all but a done deal, unless some catastrophe befalls the Clinton regime, Hillary is going to be your next president.   Or, if…and this is a big IF…. if Donald Trump suddenly starts acting like a true Commander-in-Chief, a great … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Qualifications

By Anony Mouse Donald Trump’s Presidential qualifications: * * The Media are against Trump… Check * * The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check * * The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check * * The UN is against Trump… … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Stretching the Truth – Exposed!

Examples, 1. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he cut the state budget by 26 percent, but that drop is due to a decline in federal funds. 2. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he was “leading Hillary Clinton in five states … Continue reading

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To Torture or Not to Torture. . .

by Jack Lee The following is in our comments section and it evolved into something I think was too important to leave in back pages of our blog. Tommy, welcome to our discussion, always nice to have new folks drop … Continue reading

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(In)Famous Obama Quotes

by Jack Lee Vladimir Lenin once quipped, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”   These are actual recorded statements made by Barrack Hussein Obama, as a candidate or as president.  You be the judge of what kind of … Continue reading

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